Played a little soccer this morning!! Awesome!
Played a little soccer this morning!! Awesome!

Wow…. I think it just hit me…. I am going home in a week…

Teresa was baptized this last week! She is so awesome!!!!! She also cooked us lunch! How delicious!!! This Saturday we should be having two baptisms but I recieved the best news today, familia Cabello, the family I taught in Surco in my first area will be getting sealed on Saturday”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo excited! I am sooo happy for them! They have had to fight so hard but they did it!!!! So this next week should be quite interesting with saying goodbye, having my very last interview with president. Wow…. it is unreal….

What can I say…. This has been the most amazing time of my life. Never have I felt so happy… I have come to realize how this gospel brings such pure happiness. I am so grateful… just so humbled that I was allowed to come to Peru and meet so many wonderful people and experience for myself what it really is like to feel, to have, and to put into practice the gospel. I have seen miracles, I have experienced the power of faith and I know it all to be true, never ever will I deny what I have felt, I cannot nor will I. I am so thankful for my parents, for their examples and support as I have been here serving. My companions have helped me so much, through the thick and thin I have felt their support and learned so much from them. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to deeply rooten my testimony upon the basic principles of this gospel. As my president said last week in my interview… “You did it, you have learned what you need.” It is so true and I am so very thankful for it. I feel happy, nervous, excited, sad, joyous, content, etc. Basically I feel every emotion…. hahaha… it is quite hard to bring myself to realize that it has come to an end…. I feel at peace though knowing that I have gave it my all… it was not even close to easy but I was able to give it my very best!

I want to thank each one of you that has supported me during and throughout my mission, the constant letters, scriptures, I really appreciate it. I thank you all so much. I hope in one way or another I have or will help you in a way to show gratitude.

The church is still true down here in Perú.

Elder Jaxon Ryan Carter



Wow… this will be the second to last time I write home!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!

hahahah! This week was awesome!!!!!! We are finding new investigators like crazy but not only that… the chosen ones. Wow… we now have 7 with a date and all 7 came to church. We have one set for this Saturday and 4 for the next week and the other two for August!!!! Wow we are being so blessed! We had an excellent week and we are looking forward to finishing her off strong!

My pensions turtle!!
My pensions turtle!!

We had our zone meeting and it was awesome! It was like the perfect combination of motivation, correction, doctrine, and congratulating them for their hard work and efforts. It was an awesome zone meeting and at the end we sang… I do not know the name in English but it is “El fin se acerca” which means like the end is near. hahahahahahahaha. I thought I was pretty funny! The zone got a good kick out of it!!

So wow… this week we have interviews with President and it will be the second to last interview with President. Wow…I want to express my deep gratitude and love for him. He has helped me so much. He has been such a great example to me. He is such a wise man, and man…. it is going to be hard to say good bye to him. He has been such a support through all the hard trials I have gone through… he has known when to whip me into shape, and when to be kind and motivate me. I am so grateful for him.

Squid ceviche! Yum!!
Squid ceviche! Yum!!

We taught familia Guerra who has a baptismal date for the 30th and we taught them about the plan of salvation and we brought a member, a mom with us to befriend them and she started to testify and looked at us and and talked about how we are sent from the Lord and pucha… it reminded me of my mom and almost jerked my tears…. now don’t get trunky on me guys… not yet! I still have two more weeks.

Love you all,

Elder Carter

Oh, so tasty!!
Oh, so tasty!!
Good food!!
Good food!!

What a week….

Happy 4th of July all the way from Peru!!
Happy 4th of July all the way from Peru!!


Elder Datje, from Boise Idaho, and myself!! God Bless America!!
Elder Datje, from Boise Idaho, and myself!! God Bless America!!

Wow… I love working hard. I love that feeling of satisfaction yet realizing there is still so much to do!!!!!  We had an amazing week! We now have 5 people with a baptismal date and they ae progressing towards baptism!!!! Sooo awesome!!!

We were able to reach 23 lessons with investigators! And we found 10 new investigators. how amazing! We are being so blessed as we are working so hard and really bringing this area and zone upto its full potential! The zone…. 12 missionaries… taught 123 lessons with investigators…. WOW! Absolutely amazing!

We are seeing so much progress and the key is that we are opening our mouth and spreading this gospel!!!

So this last week was my last leadership counsel and I bore my testimony… why?… the tear monster just started ripping out water from my face. It was really weird! hahaha.  Man, this time has been so awesome. Such a blessing!

We unfortunately have to move again…. the owner lied to us and there are single women where we live so we are on the hunt for a new place…. which sucks… I guess i’ll pack my stuff up to move and just leave it pàcked up! hahahahahaha

We are able to study this month in chapter 1 in Preach my Gospel and man, I still am learning about how important our calling is and how we can help others come unto Christ! We were able to watch a talk by Elder Anderson that he gave to new mission presidents about baptism and WOW!  How awesome!!!! We need to find the balance in between inviting without explaining why but inviting directly with might! It is awesome sand so we put it into practice and we now have 5 with a date! The blessings come very quickly! I am learning so much! I love it! We will be training our zone this week on this so I am super excited!

Well, have a great week! Thanks for all you have done!!!

Elder Carter

Best week!!

This week was amazing! For us and also for the zone!!!!!!!

Britney got baptized!!

Well Britney was able to be baptized and all of her family came, including her mom that did not want squat to do with the church, came. They invited us to go eat dinner with them as well! We had to turn them down because we had a meeting afterwards but hey… little by little. She is the beginning of this family entering into the true church! And she chose me to baptize her! So that was such a blessing too! She was crying after her baptism. She had the hugest smile and was just soooo happy! It was awesome!

Elder Quada, our Pension and Me! She is the Bomb!!

Yesterday we had two lessons fall through and it was so sick because we found a straight up CHOSEN ONE! She comes out super happy…. which never happens… says hi to us in English… which never happens… and then tells us she wants us to visit her… which never happens. hahahah. But the story is quite funny! So we had a lesson fall through and we like turn around and have that moment where plan A and B have fallen through and we are like… umm and she walks by super fast running and says Hi in English to us… and we were like woah… what??? So we chased her down.. she goes into her house … so we contact some people and she bounces… NOOOO but then she comes back and we contacted and she is super cool! Wow!!! She wants to listen to us! We didn’t even have to convince her or anything! WOW! So sick!

So It was an amazing week! And we are stoked for this upcoming week! Elder Rasband will be visiting our mission as well!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sweet!

The Elders of Vitarte!!

I got my suit today… it is too fresh… just letting you all know!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Carter

A week full of hard work

Wow! We had an amazing week! I love how great we are working together and how the zone is growing!

This week we crushed it with the hard work! We found 11 new investigators! The Lord is blessing us because of our hard work and I love it! I love how awesome we are doing! I love how my companion teaches. We did a practice in our leadership counsel with all the zone leaders and we taught the practice with two others and when we finished they were astonished! We taught so smoothly and so well. The spirit, even in a practice, was present. AMAZING!

So a miracle happened… like a straight up miracle. I sent a picture home with a family named Guttierrez  image

and they need to be married and so we taught the importance and everything and they were like but… Our birth certificates are in other parts of Peru… so the dad said he could call and it would get here in a week, she said she had no idea where it was in the jungle because she was not sure if someone could bring it to her or what… anyways… it was not looking too good… we head up there this Saturday and we ask how it went… she smiles and tells us it is in her mothers house… we ask… where does your mom live… and she says around the corner! It was absolutely incredible… GOD blessed us with a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny story… we had to go to the office to get money and we are in the bus just chilling and our bus driver turns and is not looking and if you guys know Lima… there are no such thing as traffic rules… it is whoever is more offensive wins… so he is turning and not looking and a guy on a motor bike decides to cross in front of him and our bus… luckily was turning and not accelerating but totally pancakes him like Ziggy Ansah would… anyways… he gets up and starts yelling at our bus drivier… words I will not write… and our bus driver says to his transportation collector… the one who collects the money. “de le veinte” give him twenty… he tried paying him off with twenty soles… then the guy on the motorcycle gets mad and says how are you going to only give me twenty… You would think he might get mad that he is trying to pay him off… then he says “de le treinta” the guy still isn’t happy… then a security guy roles up and I was like oh ya… we are done for… he is gonna take care of it. The bus moves up and the bus driver says de le cinquenta… give him 50… but we are no longer there and we are waiting and people start to get off the bus and the cobrador.. collector guy comes running up and makes evryone get back on… he is hysterically laughing then begins to explain how one does not simply pay someone off in front of a security guy with keeping his cool… wise words from our money collector on the Bus In Lima, Perú

The zone is doing super well! I am so grateful for all that I have been given!

We will be having a zone meeting on Thursday and it is going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be talking about the light of Christ! So sick! I have had some inspired studies on this!!!!

I love you all, I thank you for your support!

Elder Carter

A week of diligence!!

So this week was absolutely amazing! The Lord blessed us so much this week to be able to find so many new people and to be able to teach so many people about this wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ.

We now have two people progressing towards a date. One is named Jesus and he is amazing. It amazes me how God works because Elder Lambson taught his older brother who lives in Augustino and we are teaching his younger brother and my companions convert is going to baptize his brother! WOW! How amazing! I love how great our Heavenly Father is and how he knows where we should be. He is doing well… we are just missing a couple lessons and he should be baptized this Saturday! Wow! This week we found 10 new investigators this week and we are so excited to work hard with them!

Such an awesome family!! The Guitirrez family.

A family that we are teaching, the Guitirrez family, that I sent the picture of to you guys, they are amazing and so humble… I cannot believe the faith they have. They bought their son a white shirt, their daughter a dress so they can come to church all dressed up and they are so poor… it is so amazing… they have such great faith… such amazing faith. If you could see their house… they amaze me.

Diana … also amazes me with her great faith! We had a division with some elders and I was not able to teach her but she came to church even though she was sick and her son as well! She was exhausted but she came!!!!!!!!! She is absolutely amazing! I’ll make sure to send pictures of her home so you guys can know her a little better! She should be baptized if all goes well the following week! We are seeing some serious progress and I am loving it here!

Sorry, the pic is a bit blurry! Happy birthday Elder Lambson!!

This week on Saturday was my companions birthday! If you would like to wish him Happy Birthday here is his email. so that was way awesome and I gave him a tie and some spider traps cuz I had some left over. hahahahahaha. How crazy right! It was a good day! He told me it was the best present he had recieved.

We had the sweetest district meeting ever! Our zone was struggling and the assistants came, we gave a little training and they did too and we got our zone stoked and we saw the results! Last week as a zone of 14 missionaries we hade 267 contacts… this week we had 401…. wow! We are getting things going and we set a goal for every area to have two baptisms for the 23rd of April to have a white night!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!

So things are going amazing! I love this mission. I love my companion and I love the many blessings I am recieving! I hope you all are enjoying them as well! I thank you guys so much for the support! Keep pushing forward… the church is true… we can make the decision…


Elder Carter

The church is still true down here in Perú

  1. A wonderful Sunday dinner with the Velasquez family!
  2. A fruit here called Chirimoya!
  3. At the top of our area looking down! This is where the Guitirrez family lives!!


Wow… It’s Monday….

This week flew by!!! So fast! I don’t have a whole lot of time… sorry that I may not be able to respond to everyone today….

Hard working missionaries!! Being very blessed!

But this week was amazing because… We found the family finally that was progressing and they accepted baptism for this Saturday, so that is way cool!

Yesterday we had every lesson fall through… But we stay happy and knew that God was going to prepare someone for us and that He did ladies and gentlemen! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! We were walking and a lady opens her door and my companion asks her who are you looking for… and she says no one… and he says you were looking for us, and she starts listening to us and she starts crying and wanted to tell us why but her husband cuts her off and tells us to go away. We told her we would come Saturday, she smiled and said okay!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome! She needs some serious help! We also found a cool less active that needed help! So even though it was not the best day,,, we made the best of it! And I think that is what is most important!!!

Doing service in Los Angeles area as a Zone!

The zone is doing amazing! Every area except one has someone who is progressing towards a baptismal date! How awesome!!!!!! We upped everything this last week! How great!

Well for the time… I must go! I love you all!

Elder Carter

The church is still true down here in Peru!

The Orellana Family from Huaycan, my former area. He was less active, we taught his wife and he baptized her! So awesome to see them!!