Played a little soccer this morning!! Awesome!
Played a little soccer this morning!! Awesome!

Wow…. I think it just hit me…. I am going home in a week…

Teresa was baptized this last week! She is so awesome!!!!! She also cooked us lunch! How delicious!!! This Saturday we should be having two baptisms but I recieved the best news today, familia Cabello, the family I taught in Surco in my first area will be getting sealed on Saturday”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo excited! I am sooo happy for them! They have had to fight so hard but they did it!!!! So this next week should be quite interesting with saying goodbye, having my very last interview with president. Wow…. it is unreal….

What can I say…. This has been the most amazing time of my life. Never have I felt so happy… I have come to realize how this gospel brings such pure happiness. I am so grateful… just so humbled that I was allowed to come to Peru and meet so many wonderful people and experience for myself what it really is like to feel, to have, and to put into practice the gospel. I have seen miracles, I have experienced the power of faith and I know it all to be true, never ever will I deny what I have felt, I cannot nor will I. I am so thankful for my parents, for their examples and support as I have been here serving. My companions have helped me so much, through the thick and thin I have felt their support and learned so much from them. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to deeply rooten my testimony upon the basic principles of this gospel. As my president said last week in my interview… “You did it, you have learned what you need.” It is so true and I am so very thankful for it. I feel happy, nervous, excited, sad, joyous, content, etc. Basically I feel every emotion…. hahaha… it is quite hard to bring myself to realize that it has come to an end…. I feel at peace though knowing that I have gave it my all… it was not even close to easy but I was able to give it my very best!

I want to thank each one of you that has supported me during and throughout my mission, the constant letters, scriptures, I really appreciate it. I thank you all so much. I hope in one way or another I have or will help you in a way to show gratitude.

The church is still true down here in PerĂº.

Elder Jaxon Ryan Carter


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