What a week….

Happy 4th of July all the way from Peru!!
Happy 4th of July all the way from Peru!!


Elder Datje, from Boise Idaho, and myself!! God Bless America!!
Elder Datje, from Boise Idaho, and myself!! God Bless America!!

Wow… I love working hard. I love that feeling of satisfaction yet realizing there is still so much to do!!!!!  We had an amazing week! We now have 5 people with a baptismal date and they ae progressing towards baptism!!!! Sooo awesome!!!

We were able to reach 23 lessons with investigators! And we found 10 new investigators. how amazing! We are being so blessed as we are working so hard and really bringing this area and zone upto its full potential! The zone…. 12 missionaries… taught 123 lessons with investigators…. WOW! Absolutely amazing!

We are seeing so much progress and the key is that we are opening our mouth and spreading this gospel!!!

So this last week was my last leadership counsel and I bore my testimony… why?… the tear monster just started ripping out water from my face. It was really weird! hahaha.  Man, this time has been so awesome. Such a blessing!

We unfortunately have to move again…. the owner lied to us and there are single women where we live so we are on the hunt for a new place…. which sucks… I guess i’ll pack my stuff up to move and just leave it pàcked up! hahahahahaha

We are able to study this month in chapter 1 in Preach my Gospel and man, I still am learning about how important our calling is and how we can help others come unto Christ! We were able to watch a talk by Elder Anderson that he gave to new mission presidents about baptism and WOW!  How awesome!!!! We need to find the balance in between inviting without explaining why but inviting directly with might! It is awesome sand so we put it into practice and we now have 5 with a date! The blessings come very quickly! I am learning so much! I love it! We will be training our zone this week on this so I am super excited!

Well, have a great week! Thanks for all you have done!!!

Elder Carter


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