Hard work=Results

💥Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!󾓦💥
We put in a good week of work boys… wow…. we did two interchanges with two companionships and they are awesome and we saw them improve in many things!!! And guess what, we have another investigator progressing!!!!!!! His name is Elkin, he is 20 years old and is the other brother of Jhorlenny!!! We are finding the chosen ones for days in that family!!! They are awesome!!!!

We had a sweet multi zone meeting and some people from my group bore their testimonies and wow… it hit me… I felt the spirit super strong and it was jerking at my tears…. I was also able to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday.. wow…. but because here fasting is not super common I said it was my last fast Sunday and everyone thought I was going home and they wanted to hug me and I was like no! Not yet!!! Calm down…! hahahaha

These couples served us an awesome lunch!! Such wonderful people!!!
These couples served us an awesome lunch!! Such wonderful people!!!

So things are going super well! It is getting colder here and I love it! I enjoy the cold!!! We had a solid district meeting this week where I put the goal to pray everyday before we leave our house asking God to direct me to one person that needs to hear the gospel! Wow, it is not what I expected but we are finding people to teach and we have some progress here!

My comp is super awesome, he knows English so sometimes we speak in English! We are putting goals and achieving them! I love to see the progress!

We found an investigator named Hernesto and straight up he told us, I am testing you to see if you are intelligent enough to speak with me! Hahahaha! Man the people you find here! Super funny!

I am working out with Elder Tadje from Boise Idaho and we are getting yoked!!! hahaha, the workout today kicked our butts!!!!!! But all I can say is I am so happy!

I wanted to express my testimony of the plan of salvation more specifically of the knowledge that we will be together again.  When Grandpa Davis passed away after we had fasted for him and he remembered our names… my parents had conference on and Pres. Packer was talking about the resurrection and when he testified that we will be exactly like we were but in a perfect form the spirit touched my heart. I am so happy to know I will see my Grandpa again, and also that my parents are always trying to help us and give us opportunities to feel the spirit… if they had not put conference on that April.. never would I have gained this testimony… Thank you.

Love you all,

Elder Carter


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