Well, this is going to be awesome.

My new comp is the illest, dopest, Mexican ever! I love the guy! He is too fresh!!!

So we are working super hard and he loves to contact, and me too, so we talk with everyone! We contacted like crazy looking for new people and we saw some success but the results will be seen more in this week so we have some high hopes!!!

We started teaching a guy named Edwin, he is 19 and has had a rough past, but he said he felt Gods love for him and loves to pray, it is so awesome! So amazing to teach him because he is so intrigued and receptive!

Jhorlenny was confirmed and her mom accepted a baptismal date, and her mom is a hard core coffee drinker but we taught her the Word of Wisdom and she accepted it and is willing to not drink coffee! What faith… wow! It surprises me… honestly.

I had a temple recommend interview with President and wow… he opened my eyes to how blessed we are to have and be worthy for a recommend. In the world there are about 7 billion people, there are about 15, 000,000 members, about 8,000,000 go to church, about 4, 000,000 are old enough to have one, and about 2, 000,000 actually have one… I am one of those…. how incredible it is to think how many people there are on this earth and how many have been able to actually go into the Temple. We are so very blessed… we should act like it…. that is something I have realized… act according to the special and divine lineage I have… we must all do that.

Well things are going so well! So awesome!!! I thank you for your support and your prayers! I will talk to you all next week!

Elder Carter


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