And the beginning of the end begins…..

Elder Quada is on his way home!!
Elder Quada is on his way home!!

Well… Elder Quada has headed off and I am all alone… hahaha. I am in a trio with the other two missionaries in Vitarte until my new companion and my last companion, arrives tomorrow… He is Elder Espinoza… from Mexico, he is from the same group as the first missionary I trained, Elder Arguello, he has about 15 months!!! He is super awesome! I was in the same zone when he was being trained! hahaha. I hear he works super hard! I am super excited… my last compànion… wow….que tal…

It finally happened!!! Such a blessing!
It finally happened!!! Such a blessing!

So Jhorlenny was baptized… but it was not as easy as we thought… hahahha… Saturday she was supposed to get baptized at 3 and after going to the temple on Saturday we went to fill the font up and there was no water… sometimes here in Lima… there is so much “stuff” in the sewage and it brakes…. flooding the streets with “stuff” it smells super good, haha anyways that affected the water… so we moved the baptism to 7 at night and we called a guy to come fix it so that there was water and he said he would be there at 3 30… we waited and waited and waited… he did not show up until 8 40 at night and so we had to cancel it and she was then baptized on Sunday, it was a very great baptismal service and lots of members were able to come! Super awesome! We were a little worried though.

Jhorlenny was baptized!
Jhorlenny was baptized!

I was able to go to my charla trunky… for those who will be finishing and it was very interesting… I feel prepared to go home… knowing I have 6 weeks to give it all I’ve got and then I can rest… my body is tired… my joints weak, but my soul filled with joy that keeps me going even with the tiredness and weakness… I love it!

We were also able to go to the temple with Diana, our convert, and she was like wow… never in my life have I felt like that! She said she felt so relaxed and so calm and peaceful that she went home and slept like a baby until 6 at night! We also went with Jesus another convert, hahahaha, he also enjoyed it.

Well… this is it boys…. buckle up… it’s time to bring her home. I am very pleased and happy with all that is happening! I am excited for my new companion and all that we will accomplish this transfer! I thank you for your support! Until next week

Elder Carter


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