The transfer is coming to an end…

Wow… It is already Tuesday…. this is the last week of this transfer… My companion is going home on Monday and I will have my last companion of the mission… my last transfer… how exciting… how crazy…

Well this week we were able to meet with Elder Rasband… He shook everyone’s hands… and looked us dead in the eyes. I proudly looked into his eyes and said hello… hahah. it happened so fast! It was awesome!!! He gave a great discussion… but very short unfortunately… it was an odd discussion… different than I thought, but one thing I noticed in him is he is so humble, he is an ordinary man, who the Lord has called to help him progress and also to use him as a guide for us as his children. What a blessing.

Jhorlenny, our investigator that was progressing came to church and is doing super well, she has her interview on Friday! So my companion should be fisnishing with a baptism. How awesome.

Today at the temple… I received such a peaceful feeling about my mission, about everything that is going on. I felt the Lord is very pleased with me. I appreciate the temple so much. It always helps me.

This week I have something called the trunky charla… it’s like a meeting for all the people who will be finishing soon… not excited for that… it is all day Friday… so that is where I will be. It seems like just yesterday my companion was there and here I am… wow… time is flying by.

The Peru, Lima East Mission! All of us!!!!
The Peru, Lima East Mission! All of us!!!!

This last week we had our zone meeting and it went quite well! haha. We were able to have the sister missionaries train as well and it all went very smoothly this week. We are putting a big emphasis on studying and using our time wisely, I am grateful for this.

I just wanted to share my gratitude for my Savior… I seem to see how everything turns to Him… It seems like a blur to me… yet looking back.. I see how much has gone by and how much I have learned. I am grateful for the scriptures and the spiritual experiences I have had to know that they are true… like Peter… I know they are true because no one told me, but because the spirit of the Lord has manifested the truth of them to me.

Thank you for your support. For your love and prayers.

Elder Carter


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