I love moving!!!!!

So this week we moved… and it was the second time I have had to do it and it was better than last time but still was not the best! Our new room is super small!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like super small it is not the best… but I will just suffer I guess…

So we also had to fight with our old land lady! First off… well… it was partly my fault, we forgot the keys in the room when we were moving so when we returned to get our suitcases out of the old room we had to climb in to our room because we were locked out.  Well I climbed up and when I hoisted myself up I kicked out a window and shattered it. hahahahahahahaha. So then I had to tell her about that so she comes over and also wants the room painted and wants other stuff replaced and so we layed low, but then when we went to pay her for the window she got mad and stuff and was like you have to pay me for the days that you are not living there until someone moves in and I told her very firmly we are not going to pay and then she asked about curtains and a window and my comp was like you made no contract with the elders so we are not responsible and she was like so who is going to replace the stuff and we were like you… and she knew we got her so trying to pick her pride back up she made us clean up the window even though her workers were very capable but yeah. You cannot stump us. hahaha!

Another thing I wanted to tell you guys is we have been challenging Diana, our convert, share her testimony with someone… well we were going to meet with her at 5 and then have a lesson at 5 30 with an investigator named Sandra but Sandra came at five so we invited Diana to acompany us and we invited her to share her testimony! WOW. She is so strong. Her testimony was perfect! She shared her feelngs and did it just how we had taught her. It was so spiritual!!!! I LOVE THE GOSPEL!

We had a way cool leadership council about studying and so I was reading in the Book of Mormon and in Alma 37 verses 38 to 46 it compares the scriptures to the Liahona and I love how it performed tiny miracles as they used it with faith. The scriptures can do the exact same thing for us if we use them with diligence and faith. A great scripture that also goes along with this is 1 Nephi 10 verse 19. This scripture is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I know studying the scriptures will be our liahona because the words of Christ will tell us all things we must do.

I invite you all to read those verses… they will help you all like they have for me.

Thank you for your prayers and all that you have done for me. Have an amazing week!

Elder Carter


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