Well, this is going to be awesome.

My new comp is the illest, dopest, Mexican ever! I love the guy! He is too fresh!!!

So we are working super hard and he loves to contact, and me too, so we talk with everyone! We contacted like crazy looking for new people and we saw some success but the results will be seen more in this week so we have some high hopes!!!

We started teaching a guy named Edwin, he is 19 and has had a rough past, but he said he felt Gods love for him and loves to pray, it is so awesome! So amazing to teach him because he is so intrigued and receptive!

Jhorlenny was confirmed and her mom accepted a baptismal date, and her mom is a hard core coffee drinker but we taught her the Word of Wisdom and she accepted it and is willing to not drink coffee! What faith… wow! It surprises me… honestly.

I had a temple recommend interview with President and wow… he opened my eyes to how blessed we are to have and be worthy for a recommend. In the world there are about 7 billion people, there are about 15, 000,000 members, about 8,000,000 go to church, about 4, 000,000 are old enough to have one, and about 2, 000,000 actually have one… I am one of those…. how incredible it is to think how many people there are on this earth and how many have been able to actually go into the Temple. We are so very blessed… we should act like it…. that is something I have realized… act according to the special and divine lineage I have… we must all do that.

Well things are going so well! So awesome!!! I thank you for your support and your prayers! I will talk to you all next week!

Elder Carter


And the beginning of the end begins…..

Elder Quada is on his way home!!
Elder Quada is on his way home!!

Well… Elder Quada has headed off and I am all alone… hahaha. I am in a trio with the other two missionaries in Vitarte until my new companion and my last companion, arrives tomorrow… He is Elder Espinoza… from Mexico, he is from the same group as the first missionary I trained, Elder Arguello, he has about 15 months!!! He is super awesome! I was in the same zone when he was being trained! hahaha. I hear he works super hard! I am super excited… my last comp√†nion… wow….que tal…

It finally happened!!! Such a blessing!
It finally happened!!! Such a blessing!

So Jhorlenny was baptized… but it was not as easy as we thought… hahahha… Saturday she was supposed to get baptized at 3 and after going to the temple on Saturday we went to fill the font up and there was no water… sometimes here in Lima… there is so much “stuff” in the sewage and it brakes…. flooding the streets with “stuff” it smells super good, haha anyways that affected the water… so we moved the baptism to 7 at night and we called a guy to come fix it so that there was water and he said he would be there at 3 30… we waited and waited and waited… he did not show up until 8 40 at night and so we had to cancel it and she was then baptized on Sunday, it was a very great baptismal service and lots of members were able to come! Super awesome! We were a little worried though.

Jhorlenny was baptized!
Jhorlenny was baptized!

I was able to go to my charla trunky… for those who will be finishing and it was very interesting… I feel prepared to go home… knowing I have 6 weeks to give it all I’ve got and then I can rest… my body is tired… my joints weak, but my soul filled with joy that keeps me going even with the tiredness and weakness… I love it!

We were also able to go to the temple with Diana, our convert, and she was like wow… never in my life have I felt like that! She said she felt so relaxed and so calm and peaceful that she went home and slept like a baby until 6 at night! We also went with Jesus another convert, hahahaha, he also enjoyed it.

Well… this is it boys…. buckle up… it’s time to bring her home. I am very pleased and happy with all that is happening! I am excited for my new companion and all that we will accomplish this transfer! I thank you for your support! Until next week

Elder Carter

The transfer is coming to an end…

Wow… It is already Tuesday…. this is the last week of this transfer… My companion is going home on Monday and I will have my last companion of the mission… my last transfer… how exciting… how crazy…

Well this week we were able to meet with Elder Rasband… He shook everyone’s hands… and looked us dead in the eyes. I proudly looked into his eyes and said hello… hahah. it happened so fast! It was awesome!!! He gave a great discussion… but very short unfortunately… it was an odd discussion… different than I thought, but one thing I noticed in him is he is so humble, he is an ordinary man, who the Lord has called to help him progress and also to use him as a guide for us as his children. What a blessing.

Jhorlenny, our investigator that was progressing came to church and is doing super well, she has her interview on Friday! So my companion should be fisnishing with a baptism. How awesome.

Today at the temple… I received such a peaceful feeling about my mission, about everything that is going on. I felt the Lord is very pleased with me. I appreciate the temple so much. It always helps me.

This week I have something called the trunky charla… it’s like a meeting for all the people who will be finishing soon… not excited for that… it is all day Friday… so that is where I will be. It seems like just yesterday my companion was there and here I am… wow… time is flying by.

The Peru, Lima East Mission! All of us!!!!
The Peru, Lima East Mission! All of us!!!!

This last week we had our zone meeting and it went quite well! haha. We were able to have the sister missionaries train as well and it all went very smoothly this week. We are putting a big emphasis on studying and using our time wisely, I am grateful for this.

I just wanted to share my gratitude for my Savior… I seem to see how everything turns to Him… It seems like a blur to me… yet looking back.. I see how much has gone by and how much I have learned. I am grateful for the scriptures and the spiritual experiences I have had to know that they are true… like Peter… I know they are true because no one told me, but because the spirit of the Lord has manifested the truth of them to me.

Thank you for your support. For your love and prayers.

Elder Carter

I love moving!!!!!

So this week we moved… and it was the second time I have had to do it and it was better than last time but still was not the best! Our new room is super small!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like super small it is not the best… but I will just suffer I guess…

So we also had to fight with our old land lady! First off… well… it was partly my fault, we forgot the keys in the room when we were moving so when we returned to get our suitcases out of the old room we had to climb in to our room because we were locked out. ¬†Well I climbed up and when I hoisted myself up I kicked out a window and shattered it. hahahahahahahaha. So then I had to tell her about that so she comes over and also wants the room painted and wants other stuff replaced and so we layed low, but then when we went to pay her for the window she got mad and stuff and was like you have to pay me for the days that you are not living there until someone moves in and I told her very firmly we are not going to pay and then she asked about curtains and a window and my comp was like you made no contract with the elders so we are not responsible and she was like so who is going to replace the stuff and we were like you… and she knew we got her so trying to pick her pride back up she made us clean up the window even though her workers were very capable but yeah. You cannot stump us. hahaha!

Another thing I wanted to tell you guys is we have been challenging Diana, our convert, share her testimony with someone… well we were going to meet with her at 5 and then have a lesson at 5 30 with an investigator named Sandra but Sandra came at five so we invited Diana to acompany us and we invited her to share her testimony! WOW. She is so strong. Her testimony was perfect! She shared her feelngs and did it just how we had taught her. It was so spiritual!!!! I LOVE THE GOSPEL!

We had a way cool leadership council about studying and so I was reading in the Book of Mormon and in Alma 37 verses 38 to 46 it compares the scriptures to the Liahona and I love how it performed tiny miracles as they used it with faith. The scriptures can do the exact same thing for us if we use them with diligence and faith. A great scripture that also goes along with this is 1 Nephi 10 verse 19. This scripture is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I know studying the scriptures will be our liahona because the words of Christ will tell us all things we must do.

I invite you all to read those verses… they will help you all like they have for me.

Thank you for your prayers and all that you have done for me. Have an amazing week!

Elder Carter