Wow….Que tal

So first things first… yesterday we had our stake conference where a member of the seventy and our mission president spoke, but our mission president had a little surprise for my companion and I… on our way to the stake conference building, he sent us a text telling us to come to the stake pres. office. So we showed up and he had some friends from back home and he says to us… you are going to translate for them….. wow….. IT WAS VERY DIFFICULT. I would describe it as I have an English switch and a Spanish switch but trying to translate one to the other is super hard… I translated for the mom and Elder Quada translated for the dad. My mind was absolutely worked… just dead… hahahaha. But at the same time it was very spiritual. President talked about them in his talk and how they had been key helpers in converting their daughters as he was president’s Bishop! Super spiritual because I translated that to her… the man started crying… they have a son in Canada serving… one lady talked SUPER fast and yeah I did not translate that one too well! It was not very understandable. And another talk he was just repeating the same things… it was hard… very difficult.

So Jhorlenny came to the stake conference yesterday and only needs to come one more time before she can get baptized! She is doing super well!

So we are moving tomorrow and it has been kind of hectic. We cleaned… I ran to the office with Elder Garate to get money and turn in our forms, we have to go get the keys later because we will be moving our stuff tomorrow! The room is a lot smaller but brand new! So that is sweet! I figured… well about 60 more days and yeah… won’t even matter! hahahahaha. anyways… that will be interesting tomorrow! This is the second time in my mission I have had to move and I am not excited… hahaha…

I went on a division this week with an elder from Cusco.. he lives like 2 hours from Machu Picchu and he lives on like a farm and man he is the humblest guy I have ever met! He is super cool! I love that guy!

So things are going really well… my comp is winding down in time which scares me because it means I am just that much closer… yet I am happy knowing I did my best!

Well I wanted to share with you guys something very interesting…. I studied the three kingdoms of glory and in Doctrine and Covenants it explains who will go to each kingdom… yet the Celestial is the only one where the blessings are mentioned… that is our goal and we must live what we preach… we must put it into practice in our lives… that the gospel will become a daily pattern… not a forced routine.


Elder Carter


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