A week of success and …..

Wow what an interesting week we had… We had the most lessons in one day that I have ever taught on my mission on Wednesday… We taught 9 lessons in one day! It was amazing!!!! Over all this week we taught 30 lessons! We are working super hard… and we are seeing results!

We have been working with Jesus… a convert that Elder Lambson and I had together here in Vitarte and we are teaching his sister and she accepted a date and came to church this Sunday… we are also teaching a re-activated members sister and she also came to church… she doesn’t  know much about the church but she has this desire to know more and likes going to church.  It is super awesome!

So we had an interesting contact on Saturday…. Elder Quada is a big boy and does not put up with crap… anyways we were contacting a 20 year old girl at her house, she was interested, super sick contact and then her dad… super huge peruvian… comes out and says we are busy okay… super mean and slams the door in our face… Elder Quada being a funny guy… says…. “Muy Mal” very bad…. in English and the guy hears and he opens the door again and begins to rip us a new one and says we are interrupting him and his meeting and that we cannot knock on his door and so we ask where can we preach he says in the street but not in his house… then he says how would you like it if I interrupt your meetings at church and then Elder Quada says that is why we came to invite you to church and during all this he is like in our faces just yelling, it was nuts… then we were like okay… we will go and then my comp makes the mistake of saying but you don’t have to be rude about it… and then he insulted us with curse words saying we were foreigners from…. and other really bad stuff…. then the very next house we contacted…. he let us in and we taught him! hahahahaha. Never give up! What a great story!

Diana and her Mom and little boy! Amazing people!!
Diana and her Mom and little boy! Amazing people!!

We also ate lunch with Diana our convert! Super cool! We are starting to teach her mom as well!

Well we haven’t had Elder Rasband come yet… I don’t think I made that clear… hahaha. But we are all doing good! I thank you for your prayers!!!!


Elder Carter


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