Best week!!

This week was amazing! For us and also for the zone!!!!!!!

Britney got baptized!!

Well Britney was able to be baptized and all of her family came, including her mom that did not want squat to do with the church, came. They invited us to go eat dinner with them as well! We had to turn them down because we had a meeting afterwards but hey… little by little. She is the beginning of this family entering into the true church! And she chose me to baptize her! So that was such a blessing too! She was crying after her baptism. She had the hugest smile and was just soooo happy! It was awesome!

Elder Quada, our Pension and Me! She is the Bomb!!

Yesterday we had two lessons fall through and it was so sick because we found a straight up CHOSEN ONE! She comes out super happy…. which never happens… says hi to us in English… which never happens… and then tells us she wants us to visit her… which never happens. hahahah. But the story is quite funny! So we had a lesson fall through and we like turn around and have that moment where plan A and B have fallen through and we are like… umm and she walks by super fast running and says Hi in English to us… and we were like woah… what??? So we chased her down.. she goes into her house … so we contact some people and she bounces… NOOOO but then she comes back and we contacted and she is super cool! Wow!!! She wants to listen to us! We didn’t even have to convince her or anything! WOW! So sick!

So It was an amazing week! And we are stoked for this upcoming week! Elder Rasband will be visiting our mission as well!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sweet!

The Elders of Vitarte!!

I got my suit today… it is too fresh… just letting you all know!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Carter


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