Another Transfer….

Well transfers have come and gone… And I will be staying!!!! Wow this is crazy! I was not expecting this at all! That could mean that I might finish my mission here in Vitarte! hahahah! That means I will have stayed a year in the Vitarte Stake and in three different areas!! hahahaha. I love it!

Well this week was full of interesting stuff… not really! hahah. We had to do room revisions where we went with the couple missionaries around our zone and took pictures of all the rooms and see how all the elders were doing. The zone before us were late so it took forever. And my companion was in his trunky training… when one is about to finish the mission. So I had to guide two old white people around Lima and watch a very disobedient missionary that I was taking care of while his companion was in the training as well. I WAS EXHAUSTED.

Britney finally came to church so she will be baptized this Saturday which will be awesome!!!!!!!!!! She has such a testimony and determination coming to church alone. Wow… it is amazing what people do here. Such great acts of faith!

Well the zone will now be full of new latins. There are only 4 people in our zone now… hahaha. That will be cool. Elder Argüello is going to the office to be the reference secretary. So both of my sons are doing very well


It was the best to see my family and see how great they are doing! I love my family so much and especially my mom! She is literally the greatest lady! She has helped me so much to be where I am! I am so thankful for her and eternally endebted to her. hahaha. I also was very happy to see my home boy Corbin!

I appreciate the support that you guys all give me. I love you so much and I hope all the moms had a great mothers day and feel the love that you all deserve!

Well have a great week! Until next week!!!!

Elder Carter


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