Back on Top!

So wow! This week went a lot better! We were able to find 13 new peole that desire to listen to the gospel! Some of them came to church and one has a baptismal date and the other one does as well but she might be living with a man so we are going to wait to see what happens there. She is from the mountians here in Peru and is a little bit quiet and super shy! Her name is Celina. They have interesting names here.

Anyways, we taught a family on Wednesday and so we are like testifying hard core of the First Vision and they are like feeling the spirit and then the less active member that lives there interupts us and says, I left the church because you guys listen to worldly music… (imagine a balloon being let go at this point and making that really high squeaky noise and flying around the room) The spirit left… and we had to explain to her and it was stupid, which caused her sister and daughters to doubt… Yeah so you guys can understand…. Anyways, after that, we find out the daughter, Joselyn has also been baptized in our church, then she says us three have been baptized referring to her mom, her aunt, Benjamina and herself. Mind… BLOWN! They straight up lied to us! But Benjamina and Soledad the mom, they felt something and they told us that. Hahahaha. Anyways… that was nuts….

So we found 13 new investigators! We are having a lot of success!!! Well I love you all! Have a great week!!!!

Elder Carter


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