Not the best week…

Well this week was not the best ladies and gents… Our appointments were dropping like flies as well as the men who were going to go with us.

We had 10 appointments… 1 came through…. Rough week. Sometimes my comp gets down and he got frustrated as well did I but I remembered that God works in mysterious ways and we stayed diligent and it paid off because we had a straight up miracle happen.

It was Wednesday and our appointment at 7 had fallen through as well as 8 and we grabbed a list from our mission of men that could come with us to support us more in the week. We then left and went to look for a contact that was not too promising. The name came into my head and we went… anyways, we are looking for him and he is not home… and we see a business man walking around and he passes by us two times and I felt wow… he is someone that we need to talk to but something held me back from talking to him then he contacted us and told us how he needed God in his life and He had just lost his job, his girl friend dumped him and he was in a fight with his family and was living alone… he said his sister told him to look for a church and then he prayed and asked God what he should do… and he said he saw us and was scared to talk to us but felt that God had answered his question and so we taught him and he accepted a baptismal date and he came to church! He is awesome! Like super super awesome! His name is Juan and he is 21 years old! He lives in Maria Claret!

My good friend Elder Barrios! He is going to slap me!!
My good friend Elder Barrios! He is going to slap me!!

Another miracle that happened! There is a 14 year old girl named Britney… she has wanted to get baptized for like 8 months and her parents are not down. They always criticize her everytime she makes a small mistake saying if you act like that you cannot be baptized. Well we have taught them that if they take away her agency they are acting like Satan and we testified of how our parents let us choose and we were not perfect and we just worked super hard and it was honestly super anti climatic and her dad was like give me that permission slip. He signs it but then the bigger trial.. her stubborn mother… she wouldn’t sign it… then we explained how they are a family and they should work together and so she signed it… hahahahaha. What a miracle! So we have three people progressing towards baptism!!!

Great week in that aspect!

We had interviews with President and they were good. He told me I am such a blessing for him and he shared a scripture I want to share with all of you! Doctrine and Covenants 103:36 It’s true… because I saw it this week.

Love you guys… Stay sweet!

Elder Carter


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