A week full of hard work

Wow! We had an amazing week! I love how great we are working together and how the zone is growing!

This week we crushed it with the hard work! We found 11 new investigators! The Lord is blessing us because of our hard work and I love it! I love how awesome we are doing! I love how my companion teaches. We did a practice in our leadership counsel with all the zone leaders and we taught the practice with two others and when we finished they were astonished! We taught so smoothly and so well. The spirit, even in a practice, was present. AMAZING!

So a miracle happened… like a straight up miracle. I sent a picture home with a family named Guttierrez  image

and they need to be married and so we taught the importance and everything and they were like but… Our birth certificates are in other parts of Peru… so the dad said he could call and it would get here in a week, she said she had no idea where it was in the jungle because she was not sure if someone could bring it to her or what… anyways… it was not looking too good… we head up there this Saturday and we ask how it went… she smiles and tells us it is in her mothers house… we ask… where does your mom live… and she says around the corner! It was absolutely incredible… GOD blessed us with a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny story… we had to go to the office to get money and we are in the bus just chilling and our bus driver turns and is not looking and if you guys know Lima… there are no such thing as traffic rules… it is whoever is more offensive wins… so he is turning and not looking and a guy on a motor bike decides to cross in front of him and our bus… luckily was turning and not accelerating but totally pancakes him like Ziggy Ansah would… anyways… he gets up and starts yelling at our bus drivier… words I will not write… and our bus driver says to his transportation collector… the one who collects the money. “de le veinte” give him twenty… he tried paying him off with twenty soles… then the guy on the motorcycle gets mad and says how are you going to only give me twenty… You would think he might get mad that he is trying to pay him off… then he says “de le treinta” the guy still isn’t happy… then a security guy roles up and I was like oh ya… we are done for… he is gonna take care of it. The bus moves up and the bus driver says de le cinquenta… give him 50… but we are no longer there and we are waiting and people start to get off the bus and the cobrador.. collector guy comes running up and makes evryone get back on… he is hysterically laughing then begins to explain how one does not simply pay someone off in front of a security guy with keeping his cool… wise words from our money collector on the Bus In Lima, Perú

The zone is doing super well! I am so grateful for all that I have been given!

We will be having a zone meeting on Thursday and it is going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be talking about the light of Christ! So sick! I have had some inspired studies on this!!!!

I love you all, I thank you for your support!

Elder Carter


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