New change, new opportunities…

So wow… seems like forever that I have written you guys!

Gino got baptized!! So awesome!

So I was able to go back to Los Angeles…. again… hahahah because Gino was finally baptized!!!!!!!!!! After about 3 transfers he was baptized! Wow! It was so cool and I only found him and taught him for like 3 weeks, but wow… It was so cool to be able to see how the Lord gave me the opportunity to be ale to be there to find him and be so close to be able to go see his baptism. I was able to see 3 other converts there at the baptism and it made me so happy to see how they are staying so strong and trying to endure! So happy!

Diana was baptized!

Diana…. SHE GOT BAPTIZED! And she chose me to baptize her… wow… it was an amazing baptism. She shared her testimony and wow… she is a convert! Afterwards I was talking with her and I was like wow, you didnt cry! And she was like… yes… i just cried yesterday! hahahahaha. She is soo cool! By far the best investigator. So faithful. She never once did not complete with her commitment… Not once. If she couldnt meet with us, she called us and we came the next day! Amazing… literally a miracle.

Well Conference was awesome! I will be honest, It was hard to focus… I don’t know why… we had an investigator come who is super strong investigator named Sandra and she has a ton of questions and she happened to come for the first session and Elder Stevenson talked about the visions of Joseph Smith and we still have not taught that to her and wow… She was very confused! hahaha. My favorite talk was probably Elder Hollands or Elder Bednar because he taught exactly what has happened with Diana… wow. It was so awesome!

Sandra is a reference from an RM in San Francisco and we taught her on Friday and wow it was an amazing and a super spiritual lesson. She probably said the most sincere prayer I have ever heard. She has not had the best life and now wants to change. She straight up said I need God in my life. I am willing to do whatever so I can not feel this way! SHE NEEDS THE GOSPEL. I feel like here I have found so many people with this great desire and need… It makes me so happy honestly. I love this gospel and I love the area I am in. We are having great success and I credit it all to God!

My new companion, Elder Quada. He is amazing!! 

My new companion is from Greensborough, North Carolina and it is his first transfer as Zone Leader! He has one transfer more than I do! He should have been zone leader a long time ago because he is a great Elder. He is such an amazing teacher. Literally so direct yet so loving! He just has his way and it is awesome. We teach really well together and he loves having fun, laughing, but working hard. He made a funny comment, ¨I am not happy when I am not baptizing, I live off of baptisms¨He is a super sarcastic and funny guy! I love him!

We went to the Temple today and it was awesome… so awesome! I had a great session and recieved what I needed to hear. I learned quite a bit as well!

I love our Zone. It is so small yet so amazing! Only 12 Elders! hahahahahhahaha. But we have some great Elders and we are getting work done!

I love you all! I wanted to share with you all in Mosiah 5… verse 13 how can we know God if we do not serve him… may we serve this week with all our might!

Love you all!

Elder Carter


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