Not the best week…

Well this week was not the best ladies and gents… Our appointments were dropping like flies as well as the men who were going to go with us.

We had 10 appointments… 1 came through…. Rough week. Sometimes my comp gets down and he got frustrated as well did I but I remembered that God works in mysterious ways and we stayed diligent and it paid off because we had a straight up miracle happen.

It was Wednesday and our appointment at 7 had fallen through as well as 8 and we grabbed a list from our mission of men that could come with us to support us more in the week. We then left and went to look for a contact that was not too promising. The name came into my head and we went… anyways, we are looking for him and he is not home… and we see a business man walking around and he passes by us two times and I felt wow… he is someone that we need to talk to but something held me back from talking to him then he contacted us and told us how he needed God in his life and He had just lost his job, his girl friend dumped him and he was in a fight with his family and was living alone… he said his sister told him to look for a church and then he prayed and asked God what he should do… and he said he saw us and was scared to talk to us but felt that God had answered his question and so we taught him and he accepted a baptismal date and he came to church! He is awesome! Like super super awesome! His name is Juan and he is 21 years old! He lives in Maria Claret!

My good friend Elder Barrios! He is going to slap me!!
My good friend Elder Barrios! He is going to slap me!!

Another miracle that happened! There is a 14 year old girl named Britney… she has wanted to get baptized for like 8 months and her parents are not down. They always criticize her everytime she makes a small mistake saying if you act like that you cannot be baptized. Well we have taught them that if they take away her agency they are acting like Satan and we testified of how our parents let us choose and we were not perfect and we just worked super hard and it was honestly super anti climatic and her dad was like give me that permission slip. He signs it but then the bigger trial.. her stubborn mother… she wouldn’t sign it… then we explained how they are a family and they should work together and so she signed it… hahahahaha. What a miracle! So we have three people progressing towards baptism!!!

Great week in that aspect!

We had interviews with President and they were good. He told me I am such a blessing for him and he shared a scripture I want to share with all of you! Doctrine and Covenants 103:36 It’s true… because I saw it this week.

Love you guys… Stay sweet!

Elder Carter


The weirdest week I have ever had…

Wow a lot of weird stuff happened this week. Like really weird… some very abnormal… but it sure made us laugh. I love working with Elder Quada. He is a champ and a half. Anyways… let the stories begin…

So 2 weeks ago two older men contacted us and said they wanted us to visit them… ya sweet! That like never happens. So anyways, we go and they let us in and we started with the solid small talk of Elder Quada and I. They give us some sprite… okay! So far so good! Then we say a prayer. And we start asking from what religion are they and such… then I pull out my Bible to show them a scripture because they talked about how there are so many churches today. Then he asks me where is your Bible…. I say right here… then he says no, he asks my companion, he says right here in my hand, the man is still not satisfied, then he asks Juan, who is a member who is going with us and he pulls out his Bible and the older man says nope. He then points to his heart and says… that is where your bible should be… that is where mine is and then he points to a super apostasy painting of Jesus with his heart like showing and tells us some stuff that is why Christ points to his heart. And like I didn’t even know where to run from with that, it was like that awkward… okay…. anyways, I told him I wanted to share a scripture from Poverbs and he interrupts me and says I don’t believe in that book… this is the son but he is like 60… anyways he says that book is not a true book because NEIL ARMSTRONG wrote it… I didn’t understand the name when he said it because he said it super peruvian but then my comp started laughing and then I caught on and he said he wrote it to make himself look like he was completing the prophecy made in that book… Then my companion told him you are not right and what you are saying is a lie. Then he said that Neil was re-incarnated and we were like that is not true either and he was like yeah… it exists and we told him no, it does not, he then said well I am re-incarnated… and was like what up…in your face… he showed us a picture of him supposedly like a long time ago… then he proceeded to say… now not be prideful… but I am Jesus Christ…. he said it so seriously…and I started laughing and my comp got kind of annoyed and told him to stop saying that because that is a lie and not true… then he starts hating on cholos… those are like the mountain people in Peru and the funny thing is… pretty much everyone is from the mountains there and then started hating on black people but for some reason he loves white people even though we straight up told him he was a liar. So we met 2 crazy old men which one claimed to have the bible literally in his heart and the other professed himself as the Christ reincarnated… claiming that Niel Armstrong wrote Proverbs… …Crazy guys

Then the family that we are trying to marry… well let’s just say her dad is not feeling it. He will not give her her birth certificate to be married because they are Catholic and will die Catholic. But anyways… we were walking down from their house and they had failed us… and her dad says to me as we are walking down… I had no idea it was him.. he asks us if we are visiting Rosa and it didn’t register and I was like what… he says Rosa and Miguel? And I was like yeah… and he says you can’t visit them… and my comp… is a big boy and super funny and fears no one and he says… says who? And he gets mad, “I says so!” haha. Anyways, he begins to tell us how we are destroying their family, that their family will be ruined because of us and he says my daughter will not be Mormon… never!!!! And then he says if her husband wants to be Mormon then they will have to seperate. Then my comp says looks like you are destroying the familly… and he gets mad… he says If I ever see you again by their house, teaching them, I will hit you… I will physically hurt you… and I told him do it. Hit us… he is like 70… hahahaha. He walks away super mad…. so ya… we have work to do with that family!

Had a delicious hamburger this week!!
Had a delicious hamburger this week!!

So on Tuesday I did a divison with Tilda… we are walking down a street and a chick and a guy come by running and I didn’t pay much attention and then he just slams into her like a football hit and she goes down hard… he starts beating the crap out of her and people start freaking out and someone grabbed him and pulled him off of her and he grabs her leg and began to drag her on the street… then she got up and it was like nothing happened… super crazy..

Now for the good stuff… So there is a part in my patriarchal blessing where it talks about how I will serve a mission and what not, anyways we taught Diana about patriarchal blessings and I shared that part with her and how we had found her and it was SOOO spiritual. Amazing! She is so awesome! She has a calling already in the Relief Society!

Ate hamburgers twice his week! These were made by my former pension. Yummy!!
Ate hamburgers twice his week! These were made by my former pension. Yummy!!

We are teaching a lady named Sandra and she is super dope! She is the most sincere person ever! She wants to know if this is true so bad and she is doing all she can! She started bawling in the lesson because she has stuff she wants to erase and wow… we left her a sick scripture to help her!

So we had ups and downs… and also weird crap! But I am doing alright! I love you all so much!

Elder Carter

A week full of hard work

Wow! We had an amazing week! I love how great we are working together and how the zone is growing!

This week we crushed it with the hard work! We found 11 new investigators! The Lord is blessing us because of our hard work and I love it! I love how awesome we are doing! I love how my companion teaches. We did a practice in our leadership counsel with all the zone leaders and we taught the practice with two others and when we finished they were astonished! We taught so smoothly and so well. The spirit, even in a practice, was present. AMAZING!

So a miracle happened… like a straight up miracle. I sent a picture home with a family named Guttierrez  image

and they need to be married and so we taught the importance and everything and they were like but… Our birth certificates are in other parts of Peru… so the dad said he could call and it would get here in a week, she said she had no idea where it was in the jungle because she was not sure if someone could bring it to her or what… anyways… it was not looking too good… we head up there this Saturday and we ask how it went… she smiles and tells us it is in her mothers house… we ask… where does your mom live… and she says around the corner! It was absolutely incredible… GOD blessed us with a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny story… we had to go to the office to get money and we are in the bus just chilling and our bus driver turns and is not looking and if you guys know Lima… there are no such thing as traffic rules… it is whoever is more offensive wins… so he is turning and not looking and a guy on a motor bike decides to cross in front of him and our bus… luckily was turning and not accelerating but totally pancakes him like Ziggy Ansah would… anyways… he gets up and starts yelling at our bus drivier… words I will not write… and our bus driver says to his transportation collector… the one who collects the money. “de le veinte” give him twenty… he tried paying him off with twenty soles… then the guy on the motorcycle gets mad and says how are you going to only give me twenty… You would think he might get mad that he is trying to pay him off… then he says “de le treinta” the guy still isn’t happy… then a security guy roles up and I was like oh ya… we are done for… he is gonna take care of it. The bus moves up and the bus driver says de le cinquenta… give him 50… but we are no longer there and we are waiting and people start to get off the bus and the cobrador.. collector guy comes running up and makes evryone get back on… he is hysterically laughing then begins to explain how one does not simply pay someone off in front of a security guy with keeping his cool… wise words from our money collector on the Bus In Lima, Perú

The zone is doing super well! I am so grateful for all that I have been given!

We will be having a zone meeting on Thursday and it is going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be talking about the light of Christ! So sick! I have had some inspired studies on this!!!!

I love you all, I thank you for your support!

Elder Carter

New change, new opportunities…

So wow… seems like forever that I have written you guys!

Gino got baptized!! So awesome!

So I was able to go back to Los Angeles…. again… hahahah because Gino was finally baptized!!!!!!!!!! After about 3 transfers he was baptized! Wow! It was so cool and I only found him and taught him for like 3 weeks, but wow… It was so cool to be able to see how the Lord gave me the opportunity to be ale to be there to find him and be so close to be able to go see his baptism. I was able to see 3 other converts there at the baptism and it made me so happy to see how they are staying so strong and trying to endure! So happy!

Diana was baptized!

Diana…. SHE GOT BAPTIZED! And she chose me to baptize her… wow… it was an amazing baptism. She shared her testimony and wow… she is a convert! Afterwards I was talking with her and I was like wow, you didnt cry! And she was like… yes… i just cried yesterday! hahahahaha. She is soo cool! By far the best investigator. So faithful. She never once did not complete with her commitment… Not once. If she couldnt meet with us, she called us and we came the next day! Amazing… literally a miracle.

Well Conference was awesome! I will be honest, It was hard to focus… I don’t know why… we had an investigator come who is super strong investigator named Sandra and she has a ton of questions and she happened to come for the first session and Elder Stevenson talked about the visions of Joseph Smith and we still have not taught that to her and wow… She was very confused! hahaha. My favorite talk was probably Elder Hollands or Elder Bednar because he taught exactly what has happened with Diana… wow. It was so awesome!

Sandra is a reference from an RM in San Francisco and we taught her on Friday and wow it was an amazing and a super spiritual lesson. She probably said the most sincere prayer I have ever heard. She has not had the best life and now wants to change. She straight up said I need God in my life. I am willing to do whatever so I can not feel this way! SHE NEEDS THE GOSPEL. I feel like here I have found so many people with this great desire and need… It makes me so happy honestly. I love this gospel and I love the area I am in. We are having great success and I credit it all to God!

My new companion, Elder Quada. He is amazing!! 

My new companion is from Greensborough, North Carolina and it is his first transfer as Zone Leader! He has one transfer more than I do! He should have been zone leader a long time ago because he is a great Elder. He is such an amazing teacher. Literally so direct yet so loving! He just has his way and it is awesome. We teach really well together and he loves having fun, laughing, but working hard. He made a funny comment, ¨I am not happy when I am not baptizing, I live off of baptisms¨He is a super sarcastic and funny guy! I love him!

We went to the Temple today and it was awesome… so awesome! I had a great session and recieved what I needed to hear. I learned quite a bit as well!

I love our Zone. It is so small yet so amazing! Only 12 Elders! hahahahahhahaha. But we have some great Elders and we are getting work done!

I love you all! I wanted to share with you all in Mosiah 5… verse 13 how can we know God if we do not serve him… may we serve this week with all our might!

Love you all!

Elder Carter