A week of diligence!!

So this week was absolutely amazing! The Lord blessed us so much this week to be able to find so many new people and to be able to teach so many people about this wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ.

We now have two people progressing towards a date. One is named Jesus and he is amazing. It amazes me how God works because Elder Lambson taught his older brother who lives in Augustino and we are teaching his younger brother and my companions convert is going to baptize his brother! WOW! How amazing! I love how great our Heavenly Father is and how he knows where we should be. He is doing well… we are just missing a couple lessons and he should be baptized this Saturday! Wow! This week we found 10 new investigators this week and we are so excited to work hard with them!

Such an awesome family!! The Guitirrez family.

A family that we are teaching, the Guitirrez family, that I sent the picture of to you guys, they are amazing and so humble… I cannot believe the faith they have. They bought their son a white shirt, their daughter a dress so they can come to church all dressed up and they are so poor… it is so amazing… they have such great faith… such amazing faith. If you could see their house… they amaze me.

Diana … also amazes me with her great faith! We had a division with some elders and I was not able to teach her but she came to church even though she was sick and her son as well! She was exhausted but she came!!!!!!!!! She is absolutely amazing! I’ll make sure to send pictures of her home so you guys can know her a little better! She should be baptized if all goes well the following week! We are seeing some serious progress and I am loving it here!

Sorry, the pic is a bit blurry! Happy birthday Elder Lambson!!

This week on Saturday was my companions birthday! If you would like to wish him Happy Birthday here is his email. kiel.lambson@myldsmail.net so that was way awesome and I gave him a tie and some spider traps cuz I had some left over. hahahahahaha. How crazy right! It was a good day! He told me it was the best present he had recieved.

We had the sweetest district meeting ever! Our zone was struggling and the assistants came, we gave a little training and they did too and we got our zone stoked and we saw the results! Last week as a zone of 14 missionaries we hade 267 contacts… this week we had 401…. wow! We are getting things going and we set a goal for every area to have two baptisms for the 23rd of April to have a white night!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!

So things are going amazing! I love this mission. I love my companion and I love the many blessings I am recieving! I hope you all are enjoying them as well! I thank you guys so much for the support! Keep pushing forward… the church is true… we can make the decision…


Elder Carter

The church is still true down here in Perú

  1. A wonderful Sunday dinner with the Velasquez family!
  2. A fruit here called Chirimoya!
  3. At the top of our area looking down! This is where the Guitirrez family lives!!



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