Wait… It’s Monday…???


Wow the time is going by so fast and it kind of scares me… hahaha. This week was amazing… We had a special conference with Elder Lynn G. Robbins who gave the talk in 2014 that changed my mission! But honestly… he surpirsed me with what he talked about. I was so stoked to be filled with doctrine and have some new insight on how to be more powerful.. teach better.. be a better Zone leader… and he gave some help on that… But he focused so much on getting along with your companion and related that to marriage… he talked a lot about marriage…. wow so glad that is not going to happen soon… hahaha….😓🙄🤔 it kind of scared me because he was like if you don’t get along with your companion you will get divorced… hahahha… wait what??? I feel like it was not directed at me because I get along super well with my companion and have for quite some time but man he was so direct and I think it scared and kind of woke up a lot of missionaries which was good!

Getting our swoll on!!
Getting our swoll on!!

Diana came to church! She is progressing and we have another investigator who just needs to be visited and we will have another one with a baptismal date! Wow! We are being blessed because of our diligence… We had 73 contacts this last week and we found a cool family that lives soooooooooo high up on the mountain.. we did divisions so I did not go but it is soooooooo far up!!!!!

Things are going super well! We taught a guy yesterday that can hardly walk and man he started crying and the spirit was super strong!

My Pension and her husband! They are the best!!
My Pension and her husband! They are the best!!

I wanted to share with you all in 1 Nephi 18 verse 9 and wow… it says how they forgot the Lord and then if we keep reading we see all the consequences of forgetting the Lord… I invite all of you to read this chapter and analize it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all!

The church is still true down here in Perú.

Elder Carter


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