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Fun times on P-day!!
Fun times on P-day!!

Wow… What a week… So we had a good P day… man… We played a bunch of running games… and I was dead…… My whole body hurt so bad… hahaha… So today we hit the gym of an old investigator.. man did it feel good to lift weights! hahaha.

This week was very good! Much to tell… We rescued two more less actives and they want to get sealed!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! Such a great and humble family! They are working super hard and are taking classes to prepare themselves for the temple! I would be so happy to go to a sealing! Anyways…

We did a division with Los Angeles… they are struggling and it was one of my old areas… But I had my old companion Elder Delgado… the Columbian come with me and I worked him hard… We contacted, taught, contacted more and after the division we talked and I asked him what he was going to do he said contact…. But they still were not contacting… they talked to one person in one day!!!!!! So we started calling them at lunch and taking their numbers everyday and they did a lot better… not super good but they are getting better! So that is a plus!
I had a nice talk with my companion Elder Lambson! We are overcoming challenges and working together! He is a great guy who has a very sincere desire to work hard!

So Diana…. didn’t come to church…. nooo… But we went with a member and wow… She was like all day I have felt bad because I slept in… and the member was like yeah that is the spirt telling you ya missed out, now you had better learn from this and go to church… wow… it was so amazing! She learned a very important lesson… how amazing… She was like no matter what I will be at church next week, early, and I will stay there the whole time! Wow… she is going to be an amazing convert! She is progressing like crazy! So we are stoked about her! When we went to visit her on Sunday some crazy stuff went down… so she lives on a street where there is no outlet… so we are walking down the street and there is a big party were they are drinking and playing carnaval.. it’s basically where people just soak each other with water and sometimes paint… but it is slowly dying down because it’s illegal anyways a lady… about 22 is playing and she sees my companion and heads straight for him… she had no water but I had a sick feeling… she was drunk and she starts talking to him and I was ready to protect him… anyways she says how beautiful his eyes are and is like massaging his hand… then she looks at me and says wow even more blue and grabs my hand and tries pulling me into her but I resisted and the member was like you need to stop and she was like I am not letting you go until one of you gives me a hug… we told her no and that we had to to go… then her guy friend who was also drunk comes out and he asks me where I am from and I was like the, United States  and he says what state… Idaho, then he tells me no it’s  pronounced Ohio… I was like No I am from Idaho. He was like well here we say Ohio and I was ya but that is another state and he was like no it’s  Ohio and I was like ya it’s  Ohio then.. man I hate talking to drunk people because they always try to talk super close to your face and you can smell the beer… it’s  disgusting! hahah. So we made it out alive… sooo crazy!

But good week! My testimony this week was strengthened so much in the plan of our Heavenly Father  and the wonderful trials he gives us to help us continue to progress! I love you all and wanted you to all know how much I love my dear mother! She is such an amazing lady that has and forever will have the greatest impact on me. She has carried me through my life, throughout my mission. Her support and love was unconditional and always there. Her prayers never wavered… full of faith, full of care. I love you Mom! Have a good one!!!!!!

Elder Carter


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