Diligence and hard work brings the help of the Lord

Well this week was a very good week! There are so many things to tell!

Three wonderful people made sacred covenants with their Father in Heaven!
Three wonderful people made sacred covenants with their Father in Heaven!

So to start off with the most important! Ana, Raquel, and Diego were baptized! Wow it was an amazing expereince! Three people were baptized! Three were able to make covenants with our Father in Heaven and I think Diego(He is 10) put it best… after I baptized him he says “wow… I feel so good!” and then after coming out he was like ” Wow ya just feel so great” hahaha. So simple… yet that is the gospel… so simple a kid can get it and feel it yet it takes a lifetime to understand. Wow so that was so cool to experience even though I had not taught them very much. It was so great to see the support they had from their family and a less active member of their famly talked to me and he looks me in the eyes and says  “I am going to return”… wow… how amazing it was to hear him say that because we wanted him to baptize them but he was not worthy… but he is making the necessary changes!

We rescued a less active in our ward named Carlos and wow he is way cool! So humble… their house is so little and humble but they are willing to do whatever they need to do to help someone else!

This week we had a multizone meeting with President where he talked to us about how we all have the important job, how we are all one in Purpose! The assistants talked about the importance of using members in our lessons and how we can utilize them to help and befriend and not just be present in the lesson! And wow… it works!!!!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE….

Yesterday we had a lesson with Diana… an investigator we found about two weeks ago and she came to church yesterday for one hour and liked it but had to leave because of her kid… she is a single mom. Wow we made arrangements for the Relief Society President and her husband and her first counselor to come visit her with us… Wow… I invite each one of you to ask the missionaries to visit a family with them! Members have such a key role in this work! If it wasn’t for them I don’t think Diana would have felt the spirit so strong nor have accepted a baptismal date! WOW! It was an amazing lesson!

We also had some intersting stories with people trying to attack what we believe… Yesterday · a person from another faith came to buy food in a store and we are outside calling and then he asks my companion for his Bible… we always carry a Book of Mormon in hand to give away and then he asks me and he opens it up and playing dumb he asks but this isn’t the Bible and I was like ya that is why it says Book of Mormon… hahahaha. And I was like but we also carry the Bible don’t get too worked up. He asks to see my Bible and I give it to him and he shows me some scripture about Jehovah and he is like who is Jehovah and I smile… laugh… because it’s the same thing every time… I say Jesus Christ they say no… they go to John 17 verse 3 that in no way explains what they are trying to prove but I go along with it and so I show them Ezekiel 16 verse 63 that destroys them but they still don’t accept it nor do they understand. Then he says well you guys think differently… okay… and then I ask them… hey do you guys have your meetings today… yes…. Then I ask them so today is the sabbth day… yes… THEN WHY ARE YOU BUYING ON THE SABBATH DAY and they laugh and just ignore us and walk away! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Well I love how my faith grows because of the opposition that is put in my way!

I love you all so much!!!!! Let us remember the Savior as we come closer to Easter!!

Love Elder Carter

The church is still true down here in Perú


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