Vivid Vitarte!

With my new comp, Elder Lambson. And our roomies, Elder Beazer and Elder Carvajal (my son!!)
With my new comp, Elder Lambson. And our roomies, Elder Beazer and Elder Carvajal (my son!!)

Wow… Vitarte is a happening place! This week was absolutely crazy… Tuesday we gave a training at changes with the missionaries who were at our church building… then Wednesday was pretty normal… We worked hard and found new investigators and we are contacting like crazy! Thursday I had my first Zone conference and the Assistants came to see how we were doing… hahaha. The conference started off a little rough… People did not show up on time… we were a little off on the order, but we turned her around and it went super well! It was actually super spiritual and The Assistants told me it did not seem like my first Zone Conference. So that made me feel really good! Elder Lambson is super laid back and chill. He has one more transfer than me and he is from St. George. He is way cool. We have been in the same zone before so we know each other… but I will be honest… It is a lot different than being with a Latin companion. But I am learning a lot… he doesn’t talk too much so sometimes there is the good old awkward silence but we are getting going! He also rode dirtbikes so he is definitely cool! He played rugby and football! He is very calm until ya get playing sports and he gets fired up! hahah. So ya it is really cool! I am practicing my English a lot more!

The ward here is amazing!!!!!!!!!! Wow the chapel was actually filled… It is a very strong ward! We had some super spiritual experiences with people! I went on a division with Elder Carvajal… my son… and we taught a family and their daughter has doubts on being baptized… I was inspired to share the requiremtnts of baptism and she could see that she is not that far from being ready! Also because of that we found another need that the family has and so they are finally progressing there! I also had a nice talk with Elder Carvajal… he feels down.. feels like there isn’t anything in his area so I helped him realize if he feels that way… then that is how it will be… God will not trust us with someone who will progress if we have no faith, or if we are not willing to do the work… the right way!

We shared a super strong message with an investigator yesterday and wow the spirit was amazing! But… being hard hearted she rejected the invitation of the missionaries to visit her… we also talked with a recent convert that felt decieved because he did not know many things about the church when he was baptized… but we explained and helped him realize what he felt when he was baptized… recieved his testimony, and that we should focus in that… it was pure guidance!

Family Castillo, awesome family!
Family Castillo, awesome family!

I have a lot of work to do as an elder, teacher, Zone leader, but I know God gives me these opportunities to be able to become better and learn!

I thank you for your support! I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the many blessings that we have thanks to our dear Savior Jesus Christ! I love him… I am growing to know him everyday more…


Elder Carter

The church is still true down here in Perù


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