Changes have come and I am gone….

Wow… was not expecting this one ladies and gents… President called me last night at about 9:15 and told me Elder Carter… I need you in Vitarte as a Zone Leader… Do you accept…. I thought for sure I was staying whether it be with a new companion or Elder Paiva but I was not expecting me to go…. So I am staying in The Vitarte Stake again…. The Los Angeles ward and San Francisco ward are in Vitarte and now I will be in the Stake Center… so ya… The Lord calls you… when you least expect it… so… I prayed last night I was surprised.. confused… and I felt in my mind… so calmly… There is someone there who needs the gospel from you and missionaries who need your help… that calmed me down big time… But yeah…I am a little sad because we have WORKED so hard this change to find someone with a baptismal date… but we were not able to achieve that… but we were able to give everything we had… this last week we taught a total of 30 lessons… 21 with investigators… we found 10 new investigators… so I can say I left the area better than I found it…. wow… It was a great change with Elder Paiva… Love the kid so much! I wanted to stay with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So ya… crazy stuff…. anyways… this week was good! I was able to interview someone for baptism and that went way well! She had smoked weed, drank, broke the law of chastity… and was only 17 but she has changed! She said how the gospel has brought her happiness by establishing a way that we should live. I liked that. We talked on Sunday in gospel principles about how we all have a choice… in each thing we do we have a choice… I choose to believe to work hard and do the will of God. It is a simple choice that each one of us must make!

Caught up with my former trainee, Elder Arguello!
Caught up with my former trainee, Elder Arguello!

Well the family came again to church! They are going to put a date to be married! And we took a picture together… I wasn’t sure why… now I know…. hahaha. So ya… I really enjoyed this ward… it has a lot of potential but I know the Lord needs me somewhere else.. I completed what I needed to do.


I wanted to share a scripture with you guys… I Timothy 1:18 to 19 We continue fighting the good fight for them… for those that are looking for the light, for those who want a better life, even though we have trials… doors slammed in our face, the Lord blesses us to find those who are looking… they must also put in their part… I have come to see how it depends so much on them.. We invite and they must show and react to the invitation as well as us… We are invited to follow Christ… we have a choice… we always have a choice! The faith… the firm belief we have in Christ and in God… is what brings us and helps us make the decisions… of course we have a Savior who is the only one who will keep his scars….

I love new challenges… I thank the Lord for them everyday!

I love you all so much and am so thankful to be able to have your support and constant Prayers!

Elder Carter

Rice with Sea Food! I'm eating so many delicious foods!!
Rice with Sea Food! I’m eating so many delicious foods!!

The church is still true down here in Peru!


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