The fruits of our labor

Well this week had it´s ups and downs… like Friday…. man… I got kind of frustrated because these people bail on us so much. Like before we even left our room our 2 o clock appointment fell through, 3 o clock was there and we didn’t have someone to come visit a less active sister so we made some calls and we found one and we found some one then we are close to her house and I give her a call and she totally bails on us… man I got frustrated and my comp kind of told me to calm down… ya alright then at night the member promised to come with us and bailed on us and we finally found someone home, and I was like you have to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!! Then I forgot the keys in our apartment… wow… then our pension… a super old lady who has a duplicate key, chewed me out because it was the second time that I have done that…. so ya… it was a rough day…

But I read in Nephi 17…. wow how Laman and Lemuel complained and man the Lord put a royal whooping on me for acting that way and the next day like the same thing happened at the start but I kept a positive attitude and we ended up teaching 5 lessons… So I saw the big importance of keeping a positive attitude even when the going gets tough and trusting in the fact that the Lord has prepared something for us! Something that maybe we do not know!

I hope you guys remember that family that we found last week that had the dream… anyways… he told me that the Elder that taught him and baptized was also an Elder Carter… so wow… I feel like this family was seriously prepared for me… how crazy right???? They came to church and loved it and the mom told us that she wants to be baptized now but get married a little later… uhhh… so we had to explain to her that she needed to be married first… so we will see what happens with them!

Anticuchos!! Grilled cow heart...SOOO GOOD!!
Anticuchos!! Grilled cow heart…SOOO GOOD!!

So funny story… we are teaching a recent convert and his brother gets super mad… he is younger and a little special… anyways he tries dumping water on his brother but his brother takes it away from him, then, he throws one over the house trying to hit him… not even close… 5 minutes go by and a yogurt bottle full of water smacks me in the face… …. luckily I was hot and I was needing a nice cool down…. I never thought I would get water thrown at me from a member…. hahahaha.

We also opened up a whooping on a Catholic and man… the spirit guided me and we worked him… he starts going off about the Pope and I was like do you know how your church started … he had no idea… then I tell him how it started with Constantine and all the apostasy that they do and he was like no that’s different people inside of the church… then after reading in Ephecians about the purpose of the church that Christ had established and we took him to town and he didn’t know what to say! WHAT!! it was sick! We had a member that was throwing in fire also… wow. It was way cool!

I love the mission so much! I am so thankful for all that I am learning! I just wanted to share my testimony about the importance of always keeping a positive attitude. I know that the Lord will always prepare a way if we CONTINUE acting with faith… the moment when we feel down… feel like we can’t… Satan won and God cannot do anything because we have our agency and he can’t make us believe. We must choose to continue believing! Wow. That totally just made sense to me! Pure Revelation!

I love you guys so much! Thanks for all your support! Have a great dandy week!

Elder Carter!

The Church is Still true, Down here in Perú.


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