Wow… It’s Monday….

This week flew by!!! So fast! I don’t have a whole lot of time… sorry that I may not be able to respond to everyone today….

Hard working missionaries!! Being very blessed!

But this week was amazing because… We found the family finally that was progressing and they accepted baptism for this Saturday, so that is way cool!

Yesterday we had every lesson fall through… But we stay happy and knew that God was going to prepare someone for us and that He did ladies and gentlemen! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! We were walking and a lady opens her door and my companion asks her who are you looking for… and she says no one… and he says you were looking for us, and she starts listening to us and she starts crying and wanted to tell us why but her husband cuts her off and tells us to go away. We told her we would come Saturday, she smiled and said okay!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome! She needs some serious help! We also found a cool less active that needed help! So even though it was not the best day,,, we made the best of it! And I think that is what is most important!!!

Doing service in Los Angeles area as a Zone!

The zone is doing amazing! Every area except one has someone who is progressing towards a baptismal date! How awesome!!!!!! We upped everything this last week! How great!

Well for the time… I must go! I love you all!

Elder Carter

The church is still true down here in Peru!

The Orellana Family from Huaycan, my former area. He was less active, we taught his wife and he baptized her! So awesome to see them!!

Vivid Vitarte!

With my new comp, Elder Lambson. And our roomies, Elder Beazer and Elder Carvajal (my son!!)
With my new comp, Elder Lambson. And our roomies, Elder Beazer and Elder Carvajal (my son!!)

Wow… Vitarte is a happening place! This week was absolutely crazy… Tuesday we gave a training at changes with the missionaries who were at our church building… then Wednesday was pretty normal… We worked hard and found new investigators and we are contacting like crazy! Thursday I had my first Zone conference and the Assistants came to see how we were doing… hahaha. The conference started off a little rough… People did not show up on time… we were a little off on the order, but we turned her around and it went super well! It was actually super spiritual and The Assistants told me it did not seem like my first Zone Conference. So that made me feel really good! Elder Lambson is super laid back and chill. He has one more transfer than me and he is from St. George. He is way cool. We have been in the same zone before so we know each other… but I will be honest… It is a lot different than being with a Latin companion. But I am learning a lot… he doesn’t talk too much so sometimes there is the good old awkward silence but we are getting going! He also rode dirtbikes so he is definitely cool! He played rugby and football! He is very calm until ya get playing sports and he gets fired up! hahah. So ya it is really cool! I am practicing my English a lot more!

The ward here is amazing!!!!!!!!!! Wow the chapel was actually filled… It is a very strong ward! We had some super spiritual experiences with people! I went on a division with Elder Carvajal… my son… and we taught a family and their daughter has doubts on being baptized… I was inspired to share the requiremtnts of baptism and she could see that she is not that far from being ready! Also because of that we found another need that the family has and so they are finally progressing there! I also had a nice talk with Elder Carvajal… he feels down.. feels like there isn’t anything in his area so I helped him realize if he feels that way… then that is how it will be… God will not trust us with someone who will progress if we have no faith, or if we are not willing to do the work… the right way!

We shared a super strong message with an investigator yesterday and wow the spirit was amazing! But… being hard hearted she rejected the invitation of the missionaries to visit her… we also talked with a recent convert that felt decieved because he did not know many things about the church when he was baptized… but we explained and helped him realize what he felt when he was baptized… recieved his testimony, and that we should focus in that… it was pure guidance!

Family Castillo, awesome family!
Family Castillo, awesome family!

I have a lot of work to do as an elder, teacher, Zone leader, but I know God gives me these opportunities to be able to become better and learn!

I thank you for your support! I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the many blessings that we have thanks to our dear Savior Jesus Christ! I love him… I am growing to know him everyday more…


Elder Carter

The church is still true down here in Perù

Changes have come and I am gone….

Wow… was not expecting this one ladies and gents… President called me last night at about 9:15 and told me Elder Carter… I need you in Vitarte as a Zone Leader… Do you accept…. I thought for sure I was staying whether it be with a new companion or Elder Paiva but I was not expecting me to go…. So I am staying in The Vitarte Stake again…. The Los Angeles ward and San Francisco ward are in Vitarte and now I will be in the Stake Center… so ya… The Lord calls you… when you least expect it… so… I prayed last night I was surprised.. confused… and I felt in my mind… so calmly… There is someone there who needs the gospel from you and missionaries who need your help… that calmed me down big time… But yeah…I am a little sad because we have WORKED so hard this change to find someone with a baptismal date… but we were not able to achieve that… but we were able to give everything we had… this last week we taught a total of 30 lessons… 21 with investigators… we found 10 new investigators… so I can say I left the area better than I found it…. wow… It was a great change with Elder Paiva… Love the kid so much! I wanted to stay with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So ya… crazy stuff…. anyways… this week was good! I was able to interview someone for baptism and that went way well! She had smoked weed, drank, broke the law of chastity… and was only 17 but she has changed! She said how the gospel has brought her happiness by establishing a way that we should live. I liked that. We talked on Sunday in gospel principles about how we all have a choice… in each thing we do we have a choice… I choose to believe to work hard and do the will of God. It is a simple choice that each one of us must make!

Caught up with my former trainee, Elder Arguello!
Caught up with my former trainee, Elder Arguello!

Well the family came again to church! They are going to put a date to be married! And we took a picture together… I wasn’t sure why… now I know…. hahaha. So ya… I really enjoyed this ward… it has a lot of potential but I know the Lord needs me somewhere else.. I completed what I needed to do.


I wanted to share a scripture with you guys… I Timothy 1:18 to 19 We continue fighting the good fight for them… for those that are looking for the light, for those who want a better life, even though we have trials… doors slammed in our face, the Lord blesses us to find those who are looking… they must also put in their part… I have come to see how it depends so much on them.. We invite and they must show and react to the invitation as well as us… We are invited to follow Christ… we have a choice… we always have a choice! The faith… the firm belief we have in Christ and in God… is what brings us and helps us make the decisions… of course we have a Savior who is the only one who will keep his scars….

I love new challenges… I thank the Lord for them everyday!

I love you all so much and am so thankful to be able to have your support and constant Prayers!

Elder Carter

Rice with Sea Food! I'm eating so many delicious foods!!
Rice with Sea Food! I’m eating so many delicious foods!!

The church is still true down here in Peru!

The fruits of our labor

Well this week had it´s ups and downs… like Friday…. man… I got kind of frustrated because these people bail on us so much. Like before we even left our room our 2 o clock appointment fell through, 3 o clock was there and we didn’t have someone to come visit a less active sister so we made some calls and we found one and we found some one then we are close to her house and I give her a call and she totally bails on us… man I got frustrated and my comp kind of told me to calm down… ya alright then at night the member promised to come with us and bailed on us and we finally found someone home, and I was like you have to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!! Then I forgot the keys in our apartment… wow… then our pension… a super old lady who has a duplicate key, chewed me out because it was the second time that I have done that…. so ya… it was a rough day…

But I read in Nephi 17…. wow how Laman and Lemuel complained and man the Lord put a royal whooping on me for acting that way and the next day like the same thing happened at the start but I kept a positive attitude and we ended up teaching 5 lessons… So I saw the big importance of keeping a positive attitude even when the going gets tough and trusting in the fact that the Lord has prepared something for us! Something that maybe we do not know!

I hope you guys remember that family that we found last week that had the dream… anyways… he told me that the Elder that taught him and baptized was also an Elder Carter… so wow… I feel like this family was seriously prepared for me… how crazy right???? They came to church and loved it and the mom told us that she wants to be baptized now but get married a little later… uhhh… so we had to explain to her that she needed to be married first… so we will see what happens with them!

Anticuchos!! Grilled cow heart...SOOO GOOD!!
Anticuchos!! Grilled cow heart…SOOO GOOD!!

So funny story… we are teaching a recent convert and his brother gets super mad… he is younger and a little special… anyways he tries dumping water on his brother but his brother takes it away from him, then, he throws one over the house trying to hit him… not even close… 5 minutes go by and a yogurt bottle full of water smacks me in the face… …. luckily I was hot and I was needing a nice cool down…. I never thought I would get water thrown at me from a member…. hahahaha.

We also opened up a whooping on a Catholic and man… the spirit guided me and we worked him… he starts going off about the Pope and I was like do you know how your church started … he had no idea… then I tell him how it started with Constantine and all the apostasy that they do and he was like no that’s different people inside of the church… then after reading in Ephecians about the purpose of the church that Christ had established and we took him to town and he didn’t know what to say! WHAT!! it was sick! We had a member that was throwing in fire also… wow. It was way cool!

I love the mission so much! I am so thankful for all that I am learning! I just wanted to share my testimony about the importance of always keeping a positive attitude. I know that the Lord will always prepare a way if we CONTINUE acting with faith… the moment when we feel down… feel like we can’t… Satan won and God cannot do anything because we have our agency and he can’t make us believe. We must choose to continue believing! Wow. That totally just made sense to me! Pure Revelation!

I love you guys so much! Thanks for all your support! Have a great dandy week!

Elder Carter!

The Church is Still true, Down here in Perú.