A week full of Opportunities to Learn

Wow! We had a world training this week! It was super cool! They focused a lot on the importance of teaching repentance!

We had a good district meeting that the sister from Alameda taught us! I was very worried about them on Wednesday because they had taught 2 lessons and had contacted 0 people… but man they picked it up after that! They put another person with a baptismal date and upped their numbers big time! They worked super hard! I was super happy for them and they were super stoked! The other sisters had their investigator who is going to get married come to church! So that is way awesome! And for us…. we are on the hunt! hahaha. Finding… they don’t progress but we keep looking! I enjoy it here… we are working sooo hard! Just contacting like crazy, asking for references, but little by little we are finding!

So way cool story! A miracle! So Friday we are contacting because our lessons fell through, we see some members from our ward and start talking to them and a man comes up to my companion and it looked like he was going to rob him but he gives him a handshake and starts talking to him. I fisnish the conversation with the members and he tells us that he has been inactive for 26 years. he was baptized because basically the missionaries tricked him into getting baptized…. (so sad) but he says he wants us to come visit him. So we did divisions with members because we had alot of lessons and I went with a recent convert, Luis, he is super cool! And so we start teaching them, we meet his wife… super cool and he tells us… Thursday, he had a dream, he was in the chapel… everything was dirty and he began to clean the chapel… and he wakes up… then Friday, he has a dream that it is all clean and he begins to pray…. he says then I see you guys in the street that same day and I feel like I should talk to you and so I contacted you guys and I am just so happy that you guys are here. I got lost finding his house and he even called us! hahahaha. So sick! So there is some serious potential there!

Well I once again returned to Los Angeles…. and we had an activity with the new missionaries from the CCM in my last area so I also have proselyted there since I have left… hahahahaha. We found a way cool investiagtor who scared the crap out of the noob(new missionary) because I asked him his name and he said I have many… because many people are looking for me… I just recently got out of Jail… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. The look on the noobs face was PRICELESS! But he was way cool. We taught him and he said he was going to go to church! Wow! Way sick lesson!

This is Carlos! He is from Huaycan, my last area. He came with us almost everyday to do visits, and I ran into him n the Temple!! Awesome!!
This is Carlos! He is from Huaycan, my last area. He came with us almost everyday to do visits, and I ran into him in the Temple!! Awesome!!

And yeah… I had interviews with President today and he helped me a ton to know where I should go to school… ….. To be continued!

Love you guys! Thanks for all your support!

The church is still true, down here in Peru!!

Elder Carter


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