A week of ups and downs!

This week was awesome!!!!!! Super great! Even though some of our investiagtors are falling through and not coming to church… we may have to let them go for a while so they can start progressing. But this week we found some sweet new investiagtors!

I wanted to share a super spiritual experience I had… We went to visit an investiagtor that was not home but his uncle answered and my comp didn’t want to contact him and I contacted him and asked if he had 15 minutes to listen to us and he was like yeah and invited us in.  We started talking and he was like I don’t believe in God and we started talking getting to know him and I felt the biggest impression to give him a Book of Mormon and he accepted and said he would read it. I left him Alma 32 because he has troubles believing… hahaha.. very doubtful… but it was way cool to feel the sweet spirit and be so guided to help him!

So my comp is trying to make me super unfocused…. he prays for my future wife….. so that’s cool. hahahaha.

My comp, Elder Paiva, and I!
My comp, Elder Paiva, and I!

But all is going well… the area where we are in…. to be honest… not a whole lot of action with people who want to progress… we have people to teach but they need to get married… or be divorced and yeah… so we are trying to visit them less and try to find more people that can progress in this moment but not leaving or dropping totally those families! So we found a girl that says because of friends she has committed some things but now wants to return and be closer to God and the ways she talked about the importance of prayer really impressed me. It was way cool!

Wow! I gave a talk Sunday and it was way cool! Everyone was super happy and thanked me for my talk… I felt a little bad because not very many people said anything to my comp nor the sister that talked but I congratulated the both of them. So yeah…. I am trying to see how I can help my district… we are kind of in a rut… but it’s all good! We just have to keep working hard!

I know the Book of Mormon is true. I have felt it so many times! I invite all of you to READ it. It will give answers to your questions!

A selfie with the Zone!!
A selfie with the Zone!!

Love you all!

Elder Carter


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