The weeks are flying by like the buses here in Peru…

Well this week went by super duper fast!

I would like to inform you all that I was able to do The workout “Insanity” today and I am still alive… so that is good!

I was able to return this week again… to Los Angeles and baptize Janet… because I am literally like 10 minutes from my last area so that was cool! The members were like are you sure you didn’t get changed! hahahaha.

Such a blessing to see this amazing Sister enter the waters of baptism!
Such a blessing to see this amazing Sister enter the waters of baptism!

This week on Wednesday after giving numbers… they informed me at 10:15 that Thursday, the next day, I had to give my class for my district and I was kind of mad that they told me then… but… I went to work and stayed up til 11:30 and the Lord guided me to be able to be ready to give the class and it honestly turned out super well! It was a good class and the spirit guided me to be able to help them achieve their goals and work better and we saw it this week! Both companionships went up in their numbers and are working super well! So that was awesome! But something that I must always be reminded is…. to be humble… to stay humble and keep working hard!

Me and my awesome companion, Elder Paiva!
Me and my awesome companion, Elder Paiva!

I studied this week about our purpose as missionaries and the doctrine of Christ… and wow. Christ sent His apostles to teach people… why? Because there are people who need this gospel… if all churches (like almost all Peruvians believe) helped us to reach God, there would be no need to preach the gospel… Christ sent his apsotles to clear the confusion, fight the men who were taking advantage and tricking the people to bring them to the truth and free them of their worries… in this world people want to have a purpose, want to fit in, want to know that there is someone who is there to help them… sometimes the things we go through make us doubt… but that is why Christ sends missionaries… maybe not only to help the people but to help a particular missionary grow and become a teacher and fighter of the truth. I feel this pertains very much to me… God calls us on missions not only for the benefit of others but for ourselves… now we must not go on a mission thinking what can I get from this, because we progress and grow more when we serve and help others and lose ourselves in this work.

I love my Savior and my parents and family. Thank you for your letters Davis family, and everyone else for writing me!

Love you guys so much!

Elder Carter


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