A big change

Wow…. a lot happened this week folks… Our Zone was split in two and I was changed like super duper close. Like my area for example is Shamrock Park and I was changed to Ammon… like super close!!!!!!!!!! So that is sweet! I am in Cali still… in an area called San Franciso! So I stayed in CALI! 🙂 hahahaha.

My new mission leader in San Francisco!
My new mission leader in San Francisco!

It is super cool here! This area can progress well! We have a ton of eternal investigators… like a ton! But it is super! My new companion is Elder Paiva and he is from Chiclayo Peru…. super north in Peru. Super sick! He is super humble and wants to learn! I also have been called again as district leader… but better put as the Relief Society president because our district is me, my companion and 2 companionships of sisters. But they are super cool! They participate and work harder than most elders! hahahah. So that is good! The ward is awesome! There is a ton of recent converts so we are working hard with them as well!

So as you all know Masiel and Evans were supposed to be baptized Saturday and yes… they were baptized… and I was able to go back and see them get baptized! It was super sick! I was blessed to be able to baptize Evans! That was so cool!

Baptism for Evans and Masiel! Awesome!
Baptism for Evans and Masiel! Awesome!


It was so nice to see everyone and we had just barely had changes so no one knew I had been changed and they acted normal until they realized I was with a different companion and everyone freaked… hahahah. I saw Daniel who we have rescued and sent you guys a picture!


Daniel, such a cool guy!!
Daniel, such a cool guy!!

So a sick miracle! A kid contacted us as we were contacting and invited us to his house and we taught him and he was kind of interested… but his family was way more interested and we palnned a lesson for Saturday! They are sick! So that was way cool! How God worked through someones curiosity to help us find someone who needs to listen!

Investigator and his baby! His shoe must taste pretty good!!
Investigator and his baby! His shoe must taste pretty good!!

So today I read about how Christ can take away our burdens and I found some interesting scriptures… Abraham 3 veres 25… we are to see how we will respond to the difficulty and temptation of evil and then I read in John 10 verese 16 and 17 and in Jesus the Christ… it says this phrase that hit me so hard today…. “He literally gave up his life” like he chose, made the decision to give it up… he also had to learn obedience and complete the plan that God had for him. How crazy! So… how are we honoring His sacrifice in our lives…. 🙂

I know this church is true. Love what I have learned and who I have become, but still… there is a lot of work to do! Love you guys so much and thank you for your support!

Elder Carter and Happy New year!


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