Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from the Vitarte Zone!



Well what a great Christmas present, to see my family! I was so happy and it felt so good to see them! I hope each one of you had a great Christmas and could also brighten the Christmas of someone else as well!

Well the work is going absolutely fantastic. Masiel and Evans, she is 14 and he is 11 and we are rescuing their mother, are all doing super well. We have a week left and they are in head of us. hahaha. We need to keep moving with the lessons and they are super stoked, they feel that this is the place they should be and that they should be baptized… but… something even more amazing happened… Masiel will be turning 15 soon and here it is a super big custom to have the quincallera but Masiel told her mom, save the money so later I can go on a mission….. WOW! How amazing… a 14 year old girl so dedicated and already with the desire to serve a mission… how amazing!

And Janet, the other person that has a baptismal date… wow… her parents are totally against her baptism and we asked her what she thought about that and she said… well either way I am going to be baptized! hahahaha. So sick! She knows what she wants. It is truly amazing to see the progress of these peole and the willingness to learn and to come closer to Christ. It makes my testimony grow as well. So they are doing well and wow it was super awesome to have Christmas here! I enjoyed it so much!

Today I was studying about the commandments and I loved a scripture in Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verses 13 and 14… We must respect God and keep his commandments, that is our duty and that is how we will be judged… It expalins this in Isaiah 57 and how in verse 15 we must be humble and have a contrite and broken spirit to be with God… now in the verses that follow it talks about people who may have fallen, but still God is willing to save those who are willing to come back to him whether they are near or far… but anyways the last verse says… those who are wicked shall not feel peace… we recieve peace to our hearts through obedience…. may we all be like President Monson told us to be …. Keep the commandments! hahahaha.

I love this gospel.. I love the changes in me and my life… I love the peace and happiness I feel from the gospel! May we all strive to obey more as a goal for this upcoming year!

I love you all and thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts and cards and everything! Love you so much!

Elder Carter


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