How the weeks fly by like a blizzard

So this week has been crazy…. it has gone by so fast! SOOO fast! I feel like just a day ago I was here writing you guys!

Well, the Lord keeps blessing us…. Sebastian was able to get baptized this last week…

Sebastian got baptized! So awesome!!
Sebastian got baptized! So awesome!!

but the biggest miracle of that was that his mother who is super Catholic and listens to us but doesn’t really want much to do with us, was super happy and loved it and then came to church Sunday to see her son be confirmed! So she is doing well and we are seeing progress in her!

The investigastors that magically showed up to church last week all came to church again and we are teaching them and hoping to help them along this hard path to recieve their happiness and salvation.

We have grown super close as a companionship and my comp is having some troubles with his family. His mother is having some health problems and if you could all pray for her, her name is Sister Tellez, and I am not sure exactly what it is that she has but just keep her in your prayers. We get along super well! Super well! He is supèr chill and never gets mad. He has had a rough past and it is interesting to hear what he has gone through and the changes he has made in his life. He is an inspiration to me.

Think of a vacation you have gone on or want to go on… I have found that every vacation something always goes wrong or we have to change our plans…. but would you ever turn back? If you got stuck on the way would you just forget your whole vacation and give it up? No, you would wait, or endure until you were able to complete and have the vacation you intended to have. Why do we turn our back on the gospel when it gets hard? When it is the thing that will save us…. I love 2 nephi 9 verses 21 to 24… we all have this hope but we must keep on the path pushing forward to recieve the rest and joy of the restored gospel.

I am so pleased with the gospel in my life and for what is has done for me… I am so grateful for my trials, for the hardships… it is the only way I have grown.

Have an amazing week! Love you all!

I was able to see my former companion, Elder Carvajal, (my son!!) at the Christmas devotional!
I was able to see my former companion, Elder Carvajal, (my son!!) at the Christmas devotional!

Elder Carter


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