Challenges bring miracles

Wow what an amazing week we have had….

So an investigator that we had dropped with Elder Balcázar, has been coming to church and really showing his desires. The members note a change in him and he is doing super awesome. If all goes well, he should be baptized this Saturday! He has his interview on Thursday and when we did his pre interview we asked him if he had ever had an abortion and he was like no… we almost gave my dog an abortion so she didn’t have her puppies but I felt bad so I didn’t do it… does that count? hahahaha. It made me laugh! So he is doing super well! We also put a baptismal date with Olga´s niece and she came to the devotional yesterday and didn’t fall asleep like half the people there. hahahha.

And a huge miracle happened yesterday… A less active member that has been inactive for 20 years…. got in contact with our Elders Quorum president and he brought them to church and she has a daughter and son who want to get baptized… wow…. how blessed we are! And another less active member came to church yesterday and her husband is not a member and wants to listen to us… but her story is so cool! So we have an investigator named Oscar… and he hasn’t progressed and I always thought well it is because we haven’t been able to teach him… so we always passed by his house and tried to find him but nothing… and this less active lives next door and we talked to her once but she said to see us gave her the reminder of the church and she wants the best for her family and started to cry when the Relief Society president started talking to her… wow! It was crazy! We saw some serious miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cool!

So fasting yesterday about killed me… I didn’t know I was going to get sick during my fast and I felt sooo weak and my head felt and feels like a balloon and I can’t breathe but I was so happy that I could finish my fast! So great!

I just wanted to share a little part from Chapter 8 of 1 Nephi… about the Tree of life… It talks about how to get to the rod of iron… they had to press forward… to stay with the rod.. they had to press forward and hold continually to the rod of iron… until they could kneel down and partake of the fruit… It is interesting because those who partook but then were ashamed did not kneel…. we must push forward continually holding to the rod of iron and be humble to recieve the fruit and not heed the cries of those around us that want to pull us away! I extend this invitation to you all!

Love you all! GIVE the Christmas spirit.

Elder Carter


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