A thankful Elder on Thanksgiving

So on Thanksgiving… Deissy was able to be baptized… wow…

Wonderful opportunity to see this Sister get baptized on Thanksgiving!!
Wonderful opportunity to see this Sister get baptized on Thanksgiving!!

Satan definitely tried to ruin that one… She had to have an interview with President and we went to her house to go with her and her mother was not home and she had no one to leave the baby with…. and her mom forgot her cell phone so there was no way to call her… I tried calling President to tell him we might be late and he didn’t answer either…. he calls me… in such a sarcastic Elder Carter where are you… and I told him what was going on and he told me that I needed to call him and tell him and I told him that I had called him like 6 times and he didn’t answer… turns out it was the wrong number… hahahha… but her mom got home and we booked it to the office and made it and she passed! WOOHOO! And then on Thursday she was baptized! Woohoo!

Delicious food! Ground beef, fried egg, chorizo and fries with yummy sauces. A heart attackmwaiting to happen!
Delicious food! Ground beef, fried egg, chorizo and fries with yummy sauces. A heart attackmwaiting to happen!

So this week went by super fast… I was talking with Elder Jeria today… he is our district leader and we were talking about our missions and I started talking and just realized how much things have changed in me… how much I have changed as a person… it was way cool to talk about that and see the difference and while in the office with Deissy, there is a new missionary couple that are Elder and Sister Hernandez and she speaks nothing of Spanish and was asking me how to say stuff and wow… I realized how much I have become better speaking the Spanish language… I enjoy so much speaking and it is amazing how it flows so well!

Very tired companion!!
Very tired companion!!

So today I studied something very interesting… agency. It is very interesting when we think about agency… what crosses our minds are, I am sure, the liberty to choose, very good… but to choose what… what should we choose… let’s go back to the beginning when Satan… having the liberty to choose, chose to take this very privilege away from us… leading to the consequences… being cast out of heaven… now we read in Helaman 14:14-15 we all have this liberty to choose life or death…. as well it is retold in D and C 58: 26-28… but in D and C it says God will not give us every step that we need to take, he gave us the ability to make decisions for ourselves… and that is what we should do and he promises a way to make right the decisions that we have messed up on and committed wrong. We must think to ourselves… is this decision… this choice… what I am doing… leading me to eternal happiness or destruction… I invite all of you to do the same. And then think what can I change… make better… or give to the Savior in these three weeks before Christmas. I promise you all that you will see the difference.

I love my Savior… I love my testimonio, how dear it is to me… how dear to me are the scriptures,,, how they have guided me and lead me to where I am… I know this is true… and I bear my testimony of this to you all. Be faithful… serve God… remember He will always try his people… strive to do what he would want.

I thank you for your support, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and may God be with you.

Elder Carter


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