Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from the Vitarte Zone!



Well what a great Christmas present, to see my family! I was so happy and it felt so good to see them! I hope each one of you had a great Christmas and could also brighten the Christmas of someone else as well!

Well the work is going absolutely fantastic. Masiel and Evans, she is 14 and he is 11 and we are rescuing their mother, are all doing super well. We have a week left and they are in head of us. hahaha. We need to keep moving with the lessons and they are super stoked, they feel that this is the place they should be and that they should be baptized… but… something even more amazing happened… Masiel will be turning 15 soon and here it is a super big custom to have the quincallera but Masiel told her mom, save the money so later I can go on a mission….. WOW! How amazing… a 14 year old girl so dedicated and already with the desire to serve a mission… how amazing!

And Janet, the other person that has a baptismal date… wow… her parents are totally against her baptism and we asked her what she thought about that and she said… well either way I am going to be baptized! hahahaha. So sick! She knows what she wants. It is truly amazing to see the progress of these peole and the willingness to learn and to come closer to Christ. It makes my testimony grow as well. So they are doing well and wow it was super awesome to have Christmas here! I enjoyed it so much!

Today I was studying about the commandments and I loved a scripture in Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verses 13 and 14… We must respect God and keep his commandments, that is our duty and that is how we will be judged… It expalins this in Isaiah 57 and how in verse 15 we must be humble and have a contrite and broken spirit to be with God… now in the verses that follow it talks about people who may have fallen, but still God is willing to save those who are willing to come back to him whether they are near or far… but anyways the last verse says… those who are wicked shall not feel peace… we recieve peace to our hearts through obedience…. may we all be like President Monson told us to be …. Keep the commandments! hahahaha.

I love this gospel.. I love the changes in me and my life… I love the peace and happiness I feel from the gospel! May we all strive to obey more as a goal for this upcoming year!

I love you all and thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts and cards and everything! Love you so much!

Elder Carter


Feliz Navidad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!

Well, I don’t have much time…

I just want to share with all of you something very personal.

When I first came to Peru many months ago,I did not understand anything… I could not speak… I felt worthless and beat down, that I had no purpose here… Then I read a talk about Christ and being perfected in him… how we put too high standards for ourselves and we feel like we can never become good enough… it talks about how the love of Christ can change that and change us… if we let Him… Christ has changed my life for ever… I will never be able to pay him back… I am eternally indebted to my Savior. He has carried me to where I am. I am who I am thanks to Him… I love the love my Savior has shown for me…

I hope all of you might reflect on the love our Savior has for us.

This Sunday I was able to confer the Priesthood upon Sebastian. It was way cool and something that I have never done! What a great experience!

Have a great Christmas!!!!

These are photos of an area where we went to do service and the school where we held an activity for all the kids of Valle Grande to come and enjoy! It was cool!









Love ya guys!

Elder Carter

How the weeks fly by like a blizzard

So this week has been crazy…. it has gone by so fast! SOOO fast! I feel like just a day ago I was here writing you guys!

Well, the Lord keeps blessing us…. Sebastian was able to get baptized this last week…

Sebastian got baptized! So awesome!!
Sebastian got baptized! So awesome!!

but the biggest miracle of that was that his mother who is super Catholic and listens to us but doesn’t really want much to do with us, was super happy and loved it and then came to church Sunday to see her son be confirmed! So she is doing well and we are seeing progress in her!

The investigastors that magically showed up to church last week all came to church again and we are teaching them and hoping to help them along this hard path to recieve their happiness and salvation.

We have grown super close as a companionship and my comp is having some troubles with his family. His mother is having some health problems and if you could all pray for her, her name is Sister Tellez, and I am not sure exactly what it is that she has but just keep her in your prayers. We get along super well! Super well! He is supèr chill and never gets mad. He has had a rough past and it is interesting to hear what he has gone through and the changes he has made in his life. He is an inspiration to me.

Think of a vacation you have gone on or want to go on… I have found that every vacation something always goes wrong or we have to change our plans…. but would you ever turn back? If you got stuck on the way would you just forget your whole vacation and give it up? No, you would wait, or endure until you were able to complete and have the vacation you intended to have. Why do we turn our back on the gospel when it gets hard? When it is the thing that will save us…. I love 2 nephi 9 verses 21 to 24… we all have this hope but we must keep on the path pushing forward to recieve the rest and joy of the restored gospel.

I am so pleased with the gospel in my life and for what is has done for me… I am so grateful for my trials, for the hardships… it is the only way I have grown.

Have an amazing week! Love you all!

I was able to see my former companion, Elder Carvajal, (my son!!) at the Christmas devotional!
I was able to see my former companion, Elder Carvajal, (my son!!) at the Christmas devotional!

Elder Carter

Challenges bring miracles

Wow what an amazing week we have had….

So an investigator that we had dropped with Elder Balcázar, has been coming to church and really showing his desires. The members note a change in him and he is doing super awesome. If all goes well, he should be baptized this Saturday! He has his interview on Thursday and when we did his pre interview we asked him if he had ever had an abortion and he was like no… we almost gave my dog an abortion so she didn’t have her puppies but I felt bad so I didn’t do it… does that count? hahahaha. It made me laugh! So he is doing super well! We also put a baptismal date with Olga´s niece and she came to the devotional yesterday and didn’t fall asleep like half the people there. hahahha.

And a huge miracle happened yesterday… A less active member that has been inactive for 20 years…. got in contact with our Elders Quorum president and he brought them to church and she has a daughter and son who want to get baptized… wow…. how blessed we are! And another less active member came to church yesterday and her husband is not a member and wants to listen to us… but her story is so cool! So we have an investigator named Oscar… and he hasn’t progressed and I always thought well it is because we haven’t been able to teach him… so we always passed by his house and tried to find him but nothing… and this less active lives next door and we talked to her once but she said to see us gave her the reminder of the church and she wants the best for her family and started to cry when the Relief Society president started talking to her… wow! It was crazy! We saw some serious miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cool!

So fasting yesterday about killed me… I didn’t know I was going to get sick during my fast and I felt sooo weak and my head felt and feels like a balloon and I can’t breathe but I was so happy that I could finish my fast! So great!

I just wanted to share a little part from Chapter 8 of 1 Nephi… about the Tree of life… It talks about how to get to the rod of iron… they had to press forward… to stay with the rod.. they had to press forward and hold continually to the rod of iron… until they could kneel down and partake of the fruit… It is interesting because those who partook but then were ashamed did not kneel…. we must push forward continually holding to the rod of iron and be humble to recieve the fruit and not heed the cries of those around us that want to pull us away! I extend this invitation to you all!

Love you all! GIVE the Christmas spirit.

Elder Carter

A thankful Elder on Thanksgiving

So on Thanksgiving… Deissy was able to be baptized… wow…

Wonderful opportunity to see this Sister get baptized on Thanksgiving!!
Wonderful opportunity to see this Sister get baptized on Thanksgiving!!

Satan definitely tried to ruin that one… She had to have an interview with President and we went to her house to go with her and her mother was not home and she had no one to leave the baby with…. and her mom forgot her cell phone so there was no way to call her… I tried calling President to tell him we might be late and he didn’t answer either…. he calls me… in such a sarcastic Elder Carter where are you… and I told him what was going on and he told me that I needed to call him and tell him and I told him that I had called him like 6 times and he didn’t answer… turns out it was the wrong number… hahahha… but her mom got home and we booked it to the office and made it and she passed! WOOHOO! And then on Thursday she was baptized! Woohoo!

Delicious food! Ground beef, fried egg, chorizo and fries with yummy sauces. A heart attackmwaiting to happen!
Delicious food! Ground beef, fried egg, chorizo and fries with yummy sauces. A heart attackmwaiting to happen!

So this week went by super fast… I was talking with Elder Jeria today… he is our district leader and we were talking about our missions and I started talking and just realized how much things have changed in me… how much I have changed as a person… it was way cool to talk about that and see the difference and while in the office with Deissy, there is a new missionary couple that are Elder and Sister Hernandez and she speaks nothing of Spanish and was asking me how to say stuff and wow… I realized how much I have become better speaking the Spanish language… I enjoy so much speaking and it is amazing how it flows so well!

Very tired companion!!
Very tired companion!!

So today I studied something very interesting… agency. It is very interesting when we think about agency… what crosses our minds are, I am sure, the liberty to choose, very good… but to choose what… what should we choose… let’s go back to the beginning when Satan… having the liberty to choose, chose to take this very privilege away from us… leading to the consequences… being cast out of heaven… now we read in Helaman 14:14-15 we all have this liberty to choose life or death…. as well it is retold in D and C 58: 26-28… but in D and C it says God will not give us every step that we need to take, he gave us the ability to make decisions for ourselves… and that is what we should do and he promises a way to make right the decisions that we have messed up on and committed wrong. We must think to ourselves… is this decision… this choice… what I am doing… leading me to eternal happiness or destruction… I invite all of you to do the same. And then think what can I change… make better… or give to the Savior in these three weeks before Christmas. I promise you all that you will see the difference.

I love my Savior… I love my testimonio, how dear it is to me… how dear to me are the scriptures,,, how they have guided me and lead me to where I am… I know this is true… and I bear my testimony of this to you all. Be faithful… serve God… remember He will always try his people… strive to do what he would want.

I thank you for your support, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and may God be with you.

Elder Carter