Well I just want to start off with the good stuff… hahaha.


Macario got baptized!! So awesome!
Macario got baptized!! So awesome!

Wow what an amazing week I have had. I have definitely seen the blessings of the Lord in my life for letting me be able to see this wonderful amazing man be baptized and make a covenant with the Lord. How blessed I am. When he saw me he was like HERMANO CARTER and I gave him the most awkward hug because he can only use one hand. But man, it was so cool! Wow it was so cool and literally the biggest miracle I have ever seen. We were also able to go to the temple with Dayana (a recent convert) and this all happened Saturday… wow what a crazy day! Hahahaha.

At the temple with Dayana. So cool!!
At the temple with Dayana. So cool!!

Also, Deisy will be getting baptized on Thursday so that is way awesome and she is doing very well. She will need an interview with President Boswell to clear up some things but she is doing very well. She expressed her feelings yesterday and she loved 1 Nephi 3:7 she marked it up in her Book of Mormon. Wow how it made me so happy to see her enjoy the Book of Mormon and recieve answers and help through it.

Oh ya… my new companion… wow… he is awesome. He is from Columbia, Elder Delgado, and he was the only member in his family until his cousin was baptized right before the mission and then while he was serving his mother was baptized… wow… he has 20 months as a member and is amazing. I love the kid… he is like a hood black guy but from Columbia. He always cracks super racist columbian jokes like… in columbia we don’t play soccer or rugby… we play cops and robbers… but with real guns and real robbers. hahahahahahaha. Or about trafficking drugs… hahahaha. But he is way cool and super chill. I enjoy working with him!

Things are going so well! I found some interesting scriptures that I really enjoyed this week… they are found in 3 nephi 15:11-21… and it hit me that this is why we didn’t know all things and why the Book of Mormon came to be and why no one in Jerusalem knew… very interesting and that I am completeing the work of helping those who don’t know, to come to know. I know this work is true and I know my Savior lives and loves me.

Have a great week… happy Thanksgiving to everyone… eat a ton for me! Love ya!

Elder Carter


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