Last week of the Transfer

Wow… this transfer has flown by… sooo fast. I can’t believe that today we recieve the changes.

I was trying to sleep!! Love this guy, Elder Balcazar!!
I was trying to sleep!! Love this guy, Elder Balcazar!!

Of all the things that happened this week I think the best part was seeing Steven Espinal on Sunday. He was in my first ward and first area and his cousin is in the ward where I am right now so we got to talk for a second and he told me that Familia Cabello is the most strongest convert and Horestes, the dad, has baptized his niece and nephew and they should be getting sealed in January. To hear this made all the trials, hard times in my whole entire mission worth it. They are going to be sealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy! I remember sending them a letter every so often reminding them why they were baptized where the goal really is but I never heard back from them. How awesome it was to hear that and how happy I am. Just lifted my spirits and man, so amazing.

Anyways… Deisy was progressing super well but left her phone on silent and slept in until 11… freaking…. that made me kind of sad… but we just got to keep working hard with her and we hope that she can come next week. Ken, we found him and taught him all of lesson 2 and he had questions, we answered them and cleared doubts he has always had and was super stoked to come to church he told us he could come alone… and we were stoked as well and then… he didn’t come either…. But we were to have succes with Angy… the wife of a returned missionary and we see she is preogressing super well and we were trying to put a baptismal date but right before I was going to ask her to be baptized she says how she has fear of committing and stuff like that and I didn’t want to scare her off but then out of the blue she says but I want my husband to baptize me… so she basically was ready and wants to be baptized! hahaha. So cool! We are rescuing the husband as well. So that will be good!

Me and my awesome Zone Leader!!
Me and my awesome Zone Leader!!

I found some very amazing scriptures today as I studied about opening my mouth and spreading the gospel more and I would like to invite each one of you to read them. They are D and C 24:12-16, 28:15-16, and 29:2-6 and I also enjoyed reading about the faith of Lehi and we see his faith in action in 1 Nephi 4: 4-5. I love this work… I love my Savior and for all the blessings I have received. Yesterday I gave a talk in church about converting ourselves and I found it funny how the Bishop gave me this talk as I have gone thorugh struggles and it was so great to speak and express my feelings. I love how the Lord prepares us to help others. I invite all of you to read that talk by Elder Christofferson when he was a 70. It’s called “When thou hast been converted”. Super awesome.

I thank you all for your support and love. I pray for all of you and your success. Thank you!

Elder Carter


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