A week of persecution

Hahahahaha! So we literally had the gnarliest contacts this week.

Tuesday we are out contacting and a lady opens her window and we share our message and then she begins to talk about her church and then she says… And we are all praying for you because you don’t teach the right doctrine and you are sinners and you need to kneel down and repent and ask for God to give you the truth and she slammed the window in our faces. Then we kept going and we were walking back and my companion is like I want to bare my testimony and we knocked and she opened the door and my funny companion in such a nice and peaceful manner asks for a few moments and begins to talk about his testimony and then she just starts going off. Here… the people don’t listen they just talk and talk… hahah. But I told her she needs to pray and ask and either way she will be judged for what she has said. I told her thanks and we left.

Then Saturday we were contacted by a crazy lady that told me my brother, a gringo, stole her plans for her pattern for dolls that she wants to sell and that he needs to give them back and what he has done to her is really mean and she is now suffering… she told me that God bless me and left… after members told me she is literally crazy. Freak it scared me. Then right after that a freaking crazy lady contacted us.. contacted us. So she asked when could we visit because she wants to visit all churchs and take the best and preach it to the people and we began talking and she tells us she was called as an apostle… we begin to talk about how Christ never called woman and she flipped out and was like just because you are a man means you are better than me. hahah. Then she tells us the church forced her to be baptized and then she just magically recieved the Holy Ghost. hahahaha. We tried giving her a card and she rejected it but then she accepted it and she saw the picture of Jesus Christ and flipped again and ripped it up and said we were Satan and commanded us to repent and told us we were false and freaking I started laughing because I thought it was so funny!!!!!!!!!! My comp was trying to battle it out and I just start laughing. Man… good times.

So our investigators are progressing super well! Ken came to church for the third week in a row and is progressing! Daisy did not come but we are going to visit her today but she is gaining a good testimony of the Book of Mormon and told us you need to visit me more so I can be baptized the 22nd!° She is so awesome and her son Benjamin reminds me of little Peetison and I always mess with him and he is the freaking best! I love that family!

I read a talk by D Todd Christopherson and man it is powerful. It talks about how we can be converted and I found a scripture that I really liked in 2 Nephi 9 verse 18 it talks about how we can inherit the Kingdom of God and be converted to the Lord by supporting the cross that we must bear in this world. I really enjoyed this scripture.

We taught a man named Luis.. he told us… Christ came to save the world but he couldn’t do it… I looked him in the eye and said He completed His task… now it’s our turn to do our part. He is super cold and hard hearted… but we will see what happens with him. I told him his salvation depends on if he reads and asks God. I had to be serious with him because this guy is a little hard hearted. But yeah! Great week! Oh, and Olgas daughter had her baby! woohoo! Well thanks for all you do! Love you guys!

Elder Carter


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