A week of miracles!!

well… I would like to start this off with a quote from Confucius…. I am pretty sure it is some greek philosopher…. I don’t know, some old dude, but he has sick quotes.. anyways…

“The glory is not measured in never falling, but how many times we get up after we have fallen…”

That was an answer I recieved this week in the April 2015 conference by Elder Soares I believe… not super sure… but anyways that made me so happy.

I had interviews with President this week and I asked him this question… President how can I choose to believe… He looked me dead in the eyes. You are doing it. By waking up every morning, by working so hard, by being here, for caring, you are choosing to believe. His answer stunned me. Absolutely left me in awe. And I guess I just had never noticed it. Never thought of it that way. He told me how much of a blessing I am for him. His true love for me brought tears to my eyes. I love my mission President and will forever be indebted to him. hahaha

It's good to have good friends!
It’s good to have good friends!

Now, Dayana was baptized Saturday and it was way cool when she expressed her sweet deep testimony and feelings… but even more amazing was that same day, Olga, who I have mentioned before passed her interview and will be baptized this Saturday! She has listened to the missionaries for 8 months and never has gotten to the point to decide to really be baptized and so we have been working with her and we put the date and she finally accepted, then she passed her interview, came to stake conference, all is going well! After my comp was talking to me and he was like we just needed to put a date, a goal, thanks for your help and I was like anything I do, I do it with you. I love my comp. He is so humble. He expressed to me how hard it was to come out here on a mission because his own family did not want him to go… he is amazing. I love him. I am so grateful to be with him and I hope we have more time together than just one transfer.

Before Dayana's baptism. Awesome!
Before Dayana’s baptism. Awesome!  
This guy is amazing!!
This guy is amazing!!”

And best of all… my doubts my troubles have been comforted… in a very simple yet wonderful way that I will never forget. It is amazing how God uses trials to help us grow in so many ways.

So thankful, and today we are going to the temple!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!! Love you guys! Thanks for all your support!

Elder Carter


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