What up Cali

So good old L.A. is treating me nice.

I was able to conquer the throne this week so I feel a lot better. Every time I change pensions it either gives me diarrhea or I get backed up… and this week I was backed up… but now it’s flowing nice and smooth. Sorry for the detailedness.


Sweet family!
Sweet family!

So this week was good! We helped move a family! They are so awesome! And it made my body feel so energized because I was able to use muscles I have not used in over a year. So that was way sweet!

Elder Balcazar and I, he is awesome!
Elder Balcazar and I, he is awesome!

My comp and I are doing better and talking more… It was just a little awkward at first… but now it is all good. He is awesome and is so firm in his testimony. I love being with him. And this week for breakfast I ate Nutella with bananas on bread and man… I have been missing out big time for so many years… I wished, like always, I had listened to my wise father that I should eat it. I know my family will be shocked… but I love bananas! I eat at least one a day!!!!!!! So ya.. the mission changes ya. hahaha.

Love this guy!!
Love this guy!!

So this week we prepared an investigator who is literally a super solid convert… she cleaned the church, went to the center of Lima to get things for our ward conference… and we gave her the pre interview… and all good…. until this morning… her friend that is a member calls me and tells me… hey she told me that she lied in the pre interview and so he said he is going to find out more and let us know… so right now we are just waiting… my comp is freaking out but I am helping him stay calm! hahaha. He is so funny I love the kid… it is funny though… because he is 26 years old and I am just barely 20…. hahahahaha.

So ya that is what is happening! This week we have interviews with President and also next Monday I will not write… but Tuesday!

This week we watched a video of Joseph Smith and I felt such a pure peace come over me… It was very cool! And Hermana Olga finally committed! The 31! Halloween! Woohoo! But she still needs to keep working hard and doing all she can!

So this week… I recieved a letter from my mom… and the talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and also Elder Anderson… wow….. and Nelson… all came to my mind…. My mother is absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t  for… what I have achieved is because she has helped me so much. But the example I have always had that has helped me to be what I want to be has always been my dad. You could call them a dynamic duo. I know that this is true. I know it.

Love you guys! Thanks for everything!

Elder Carter

Our tiny little room where we sleep and study.
Our tiny little room where we sleep and study.

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