New area… And I am in L.A.

So I was transferred to a new mission… I am now in Los Angeles…. it’s pretty fresh in Cali… soaking up the sun with my new comp… Elder Balcázar… hahahaha.

My CCM comp, me and our trainees. They were CCM comps too! Pretty sweet!
My CCM comp, me and our trainees. They were CCM comps too! Pretty sweet!

Nah, just kidding! But my new area is called Los Angeles and it’s in Vitarte! I am so stoked to be in Vitarte! Everyone has told me how great of a stake and wards it has!

My new companion is very different… President told me at transfers it would be a new change for me and it is. Very new. Here we buy our breakfast in the morning and I love picking what I want to eat! It’s so awesome!

The ward here is a lot better. They work a lot better and are more willing to work and the only weak point is the Elders Quorum… they need some serious help. But that’s why we are here right. To help them!

It was way cool, in Mosiah 18 it teaches us the requirements for baptism and we were teaching an investigator that had been listening for about 7 months and had never progressed farther than coming to church. We taught her twice this week and after lesson one I felt like wow…. we did not meet her need and so we came back and this time she said two things that were keeping her from being baptized… her husband… and herself… and all of a sudden in my mind it says… ask her if she doesn’t feel worthy… and I asked her and she was kind of taken by surprise and then the requirements for baptism came to my mind and we read it together and then I asked her if she felt like she could complete these from now on… and she said yes… and so then I was like well then will you be baptized? We put a goal for Halloween with her and she came to church and participated! It was way sweet!

My 2nd comp., with his comp who was in the CCM with me!
My 2nd comp., with his comp who was in the CCM with me!

Anyways… about my new companion… well President told me it would be a new change and a new change it was… hahahah. To be honest… to sum up our relationship… would be in one word… awkward. Straight up awkward. I try to make jokes, have fun and he doesn’t laugh… doesn’t understand the joke or gives me a pity laugh. I try to ask him questions and he gives me one word answers and yeah… kills the conversation. I understand why it is a new change now… I love new challenges right… that is what I asked for from my Father in Heaven and so I am going to do all I can to help him and also learn from him!

I got the nice warm welcome from this ward by having the opportunity of talking in Sacrament Meeting and they told me to talk for 5 minutes just 2 days before… ya all good… then they tell my right as the meeting starts that my message will be 15 minutes instead… hahahahaha. Yeah it turned out to be 10 but it went well! hahaha.

Our pension is good… I have been a little backed up lately… but ya all good! hahaha. I enjoy it here and am excited to know new people and see what I can do to help the Lord in his great work!

I read in Doctrine and Covenants today in section 19 verses 29 through 41 and if anyone has doubts about going on a mission serving in your calling, I invite you all to read it.

I know the church is true and am so thankful for all the many blessings I have recieved!

Thank you all! Have a great week!

Elder Carter


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