A week full of opportunities to feel the spirit

Some cool graffiti!!
Some cool graffiti!!


We had the opportunity to listen to Elder Godoy from Brazil this last week and man he is awesome, a very interesting man yet very humble! I could fill the pure love he had for the gospel and also how he was so touched by the spirit and so frequently! I gave the closing prayer, never have I spoken so clearly nor do I remember what the spirit told me to say! It was so amamzing and after I shook his hand and then after we ate Subway! What????????? man… I enjoyed that small little 8 inch sandwich and little tiny bag of chips. That is something very odd here… I thought in the U.S. we got ripped off with chips… here you get like 5 chips and pay a sole fifty. hahahaha. But nonetheless, I enjoyed it. My companion almost threw up because he didn’t like it! hahaha.

So this week was very good! We were able to pick back up the lessons with Arturo and he was able to come to church, well Stake Conference and now is progressing again. We set a baptismal date and he accepted and we are stoked… but it is after changes… hahaha. So I know I won’t probably be here…. dang it… but maybe he will invite me! Anyways so that went well. Macario is doing well, came to church also and man he is the funniest guy… he is not totally there in the head so it is hard to teach him sometimes… and anyways we asked which church his family goes to, he says the catholic church then my companion asks him but what church is the true church…. he responds… the catholic church. NOOOOOO! Macario what have you learned in all this time. We asked where were you before you came to Earth… San Luis. NOOOO! He is funny but I don’t know if he will be baptized this week… he has a lot more to go… but anyways he is doing good!

And we finally went to the temple with some converts! First time in my mission and Satan did all he could to stop us from going… I got super sick… We ate some delicious Arroz con pollo and I am pretty sure it was the Huancaína sauce… it has hot peppers and I got back to the room… used the bathroom… had a little bit of diarrhea but then my stomach started filling like a hot air balloon and with time… it felt like a small animal was insided of me and as the hot air balloon filled the small little animal got more flustered and tried tearing out of my stomach… but as he tried tearing my stomach… hot lava just poured out and I tried using the bathroom again and nothing, until I couldn’t do it anymore and forced myself to throw everything up and it was like a fire hydrant opened on full blast…. (Sorry for the details… it was the best way I could explain it) and then we went to the Temple even though the name of one of the converts didn’t go through, our Bishop hadn’t sent the recommends or names to the temple… it was a hectic day. But we did it, and lived to tell about it.

The Lima Temple!
The Lima Temple!

Well, I thought I might share a scripture and an expereince with you guys… so it is not easy to keep pushing forward sometimes and doing everything as God would want and today I stumbled upon a scripture in D&C 101 verses 59-60 and I love how it is Gods will. We must do His will and be what He wants us to be and not what we want to be! I always try lining up my will with His… it is not easy… but the blessings come, I testify of that, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Thank you for your support! Love you all!

Elder Carter


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