Great week!!!

Well this week was amazing!

I want to tell you guys about an investigator who is literally the freaking best! His name is Macario Mendoza… and he is a person that acts and is not acted upon. For two weeks we have promised to come by and get him, he is quite old… like 70 and drinks a ton, he sufferred an accident due to his drinking and is now half paralyzed on the left side. We showed up about 7:50 to take him to church in his wheel chair and his wife is like, he already left… and we were like what! So we take his wheel chair and we find him stumbling along the road… with his cane and we roll up making car noises and he freaks out laughing! He is so awesome and hilarious… we will ask him a question and he is the most straight forward person and he will respond… well you got me on that one, or wow that is a great and important question but I do not know the answer. hahahahaha. I love him so much! And on Saturday he told us how we play such a huge role in his life and how he now finds a reason to live and has quit drinking… he is an amazing person that puts in his part. We have investigators that simply can’t wake up in the morning to come to church… he can hardly walk and comes to church! I will get a picture with him!

The view from outside our church building.
The view from outside our church building.

Anyways things are better with the companion, we had a way sweet talk where he began to cry… he makes fun of others says stupid stuff, does stupid stuff to hide his true feelings and we talked and he began to cry. It was a great experience where I simply shared my love for him. I learned you cannot force anyone to do anything but you can love them. And I love him.

We had a training for him and we met with the assistants and they brought out something I never thought of, how would you train if Jesus Christ was your comp that you were training… and wow… it made me think a lot.

Well, Liz and John were married and he is going to have his interview Thursday to be able to baptize her and it is going to be so awesome!!!!! We were able to find out she has recieved an answer, just simply does not know how to explain it! hahaha. So that was sweet! I am super stoked for them!

And what I wanted to share with you guys were a couple of scritpures that are continuing to help me to be stronger and more converted… If we read in D and C 93 verses 17 and 18 we read we will recieve a full testimony as John the Baptist(John 1:29-34) recieved of the Savior after we have remained true… we know we are not perfect so from this we can see that we will never know perfectly, yet God will guide us as we keep our covenants like the people that Nephi saw in a vision in chapter 14 of 1 Nephi verse 14. What a great blessing we have as members to have this covenant with God knowing he will guide us even though we may not have a perfect knowledge yet feel sure for ourselves… trusting in God is something we must do every day because we cannot simply achieve, we must continue to progress and that is why we must have a continual trial in our lives. I love the understanding the spirit brings into our lives and the love and hand of God I can see in my life. I pray for all of you and thank you all so much! The church is true, now we must live it and show it.

Elder Carter

This Rottweiler has a cage over its mouth so it doesn't kill anyone. Nice doggy!!
This Rottweiler has a cage over its mouth so it doesn’t kill anyone. Nice doggy!!

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