A very spiritual, yet mentally tough week…

Well this week has been quite interesting for me… I stayed in Huaycan, I am still training good old Carvajal and still district leader. hahaha. Every week I have the wonderful opportunity to prepare a class and this last week was way sick! I shared with my district about a friend, and how I had been praying for him for over a year without hearing anything and he wrote me this last week and he is doing so good! WOW! How God answers our prayers, but not always how we want them and not when we want them!

Monday was way sweet because we had all of our lessons fall through… so we finally found our 7 o’clock appointment trying on new glasses. We put her down for another day and as we were going back up to a different Zone we found an old investigator… Miluskas sister, Briggitte, and she saw us and we started talking and she said well I have time to talk and we went to the church and she told us and the member everything… she broke down crying said she left her house because she felt awful… tried to call us, and her phone wouldn’t work so she just left and walked and it was perfectly planned from the big guy upstairs who knows everything… and we helped her a ton and she came to our missionary night

Missionary night!!
Missionary night!!

but didn’t come to church…. ugghhh… our church starts at 8 and it is so hard for people here to come to church and wake up… but it was one of the most spiritual experiences in that lesson with her that I have had. It just flowed… it was purely the spirit.

Then Thursday we listened to Elder Bednar…. it was absolutely indescribable…. he answered my questions in my head so perfectly! And it was the most pure revelation I have ever felt. He was talking about how we can teach better, recieve personal revelation… he went hard in the paint on all the people that offer the prayer… “Please bless all the people that aren’t here today in church that they can come next week”. He was like I HATE THAT PRAYER. WHAT A FAITHLESS PRAYER! We have to pray with an intention to act! It was sick! He taught about the Atonement and said we must have clean hands, meaning repentance for ourselves and a pure heart which means to change and not only how we see ourselves but also other people and God. It was amazing and as he walked by I stared him straight in his eyes and just felt the pure raw power in my body. What a guided man he is. He told us the keys I hold are guided to where they are needed… so ask yourselves why were the keys called here… Why are you here this day… what do you need. And it was 3 hours of pure question and answer. It was the sickest thing ever.

Well I am happy to still be here in Huaycan and there is a lot of work to be done! We are trying to plan family home evening in each zone to better befriend our investiagtors and less active members and members to bring the whole ward together!

Well just wanted to share two scriptures with you guys, in 2 Nephi 9: 6 through 10 it speaks about the great plan that our God has created and how the Atonement is infinite and without it we would be subjected to Satan and never ever be able to return to our God… we would be fallen angels and never have the opportunity to be resurrected and live with God without the atonement… like it says… oh what wisdom is in the plan of our God. And another that came as an answer to my prayer is in Mosiah 4: 9 through 12… wow… perfectly what I wanted and needed!

I love you all! Thanks to the John family for the card! I love you all and thank you so much for your prayers and love that you always send me!

Love, Elder Carter


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