Well…last week of transfers…


A sweet experience!!
A sweet experience!!

We had a baptism… it was sweet! Honestly, I felt the spirit really strong… like a nice warm comforting feeling. It was sweet!

So Elder Bednar is going to come this Thursday to speak to us as a mission, the East and also the North mission!!! So I am way stoked about that! Also, we finally have hot water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! I have finally taken a hot shower after so much time! It was so amazing.

Yesterday we had a sweet family home evening and it was Arturo’s birthday so we did the family night with him and all of his family and only 2 are members. It was way sweet and it showed him that we cared because we came!

Happy birthday Arturo!!
Happy birthday Arturo!!

We also talked with the Bishop in how we can work in a more efficient way!

The grass!
The grass!


Last Monday we went to Chosica and had a way sick P day. There was grass, which was a miracle, and we played American football and soccer and I pulled out my good old slot reciever moves and taught those Latinos how it’s done. hahahahahaha.

The players!
The players!







Well I had the sickest division with Elder Anderson! I love him! He is so cool and we had a super sick talk about what we can do better as missionaries and he shared some very personal stuff with me and I with him. It was way sweet! Made me feel so good to help and be helped! I love the mission!

So I was quite confused as to why I had felt so shaken this last 2 weeks and I recieved a blessing from my companion and this came to my mind… the things we go through are necessary for our salvation…. and it brought peace that I am not alone but it is something I must pass through so I can grow closer to the Lord. I am grateful for challenges. This week was hard because we found out the couple that was getting married… they didn’t go get his birth certificate, they had it sent but lied to us saying they had went… I knew something was not right because I did not feel happy yet I showed it… I felt decieved and it was true… so they left this week for a trip and will be back today… so we are going to have a nice lesson on being honest. That is probably why she has not recieved her answer. So that is what we are dealing with!

Today are transfers… we will see what happens… Definitely do not want to get changed… but what the Lord desires… so anyways… I want to send my love to the Packer family and testify to you all that I know that we can see our families again. I thank the lord for mine, and I hope you all have a great week! Also thank you to my moms primary class for sending me cards! I loved them!


Another view of the grass!! It's amazing!!
Another view of the grass!! It’s amazing!!

Elder Carter


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