A very interesting week, full of spiritual experiences…

So wow… this week was crazy!!!! Wednesday we said a prayer that Familia Orellana, the husband would be able to go to Orrolla and get his birth certificate to get married. Well, Wednesday he was going to go but the way to get to his little town was shut down… so we said a Prayer on our knees, and the wife said it, who wants to be baptized. Brother Orellana is a member but has been inactive for quite a while. It was way awesome because she prayed specifically that he would be able to get his papers and all would go well… we called them Friday and it all worked out. Everything…. they are getting married! Wednesday no one could enter or leave, Thursday the same, and Friday they opened it up! He went and got back just in time to the main building and was able to register…A MIRACLE!!

Also, I asked President how one can recieve a better answer to prayers or clear up doubts, and he showed me D and C 9 verses 7 and 9 and also in 46 where it talks about gifts… and I had doubts and I didn’t know why, but I figured out after studying a little more in depth and after sharing it with my companion that he had been searching for an answer. So I shared it with him and then I felt inspired to ask him, if he had looked for his gifts in his patriarchial blessing. I remember President in my very first interview telling me to study my gifts, and I didn’t know why until I realized my companion needed to be reminded about his gifts. He read it and it said he had the gift of faith. He broke down crying. He said it was the gift he had been looking for all along…. and wow. I felt a deep burning in my chest and it was amazing!!!!

Also, there is a recent convert and he is way cool, we are prepapring him to recieve the melchzedec(that is spelled wrong) priesthood and he is way awesome but… he likes earrings and he always just put me off, never wanted to take it out took it as a joke until yesterday when we had a sweet talk and I asked him, what would God think if he was here right now… he just sat silent… then I asked him to prepare to recieve the power of God….. will you give me your earring… he looked at me… smiled and took it out and gave it to me. I have it in my apartment and it was the best. Absolutely the best. I was so astonished. It was so sweet!

I testify the power is real and that we should all live worthy to have it… I know these things are true, just the deepest conviction in my soul they are true, even though I might have doubts, it is normal. I thank you all for your prayers. I have a year behind me… means nothing, there is still a lot of work to do.

Celebrated one year in the mission! Chicken and fries, yumm!!
Celebrated one year in the mission! Chicken and fries, yumm!!


Elder Carter


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