I love moving!!

So this week was basically us moving…. hahahaha. It was pretty crazy and long and tiring… but the lady that owned our old house came and threw a little fit and made us repaint because she didn’t like the color and replace the curtains… the mission had to pay big bucks and what made it worse is she locked our things up so we slept on the floor for 2 days because we didn’t have bed stands. So… that was interesting… when she was arguing I left and took the trash out because I was sick of her… my comp asked if we could buy eggs to throw at her. hahahahahha. I love my companion. He is so funny! Always keeps the mood light.

So now where we live is super dope and super nice… I feel rich…. hahaha but I have seen two huge spiders already…. I killed one… anyway, we moved and found a new pension.. wow and yesterday we ate lunch with a member and it just happened to be our old pension.. the food was way good but man she is crazy. Just so crazy. hahahaha but it was good.

So my comp taught me such a good lesson yesterday… there was a girl that was dressed pretty inappropriately and he was like let’s contact her I was like no… she won’t want to listen… he was like no and I was like yeah lets move on. We contacted her and she just happened to have a friend on a mission and wanted to listen to us. It was way cool and it made me reflect on how I look at people and how I can look at them as what they can become and so that is something way cool I learned!

Also this morning as I was studying for my district meeting tomorrow… I had no idea what to study and God literally led me and guided me and I found a sweet topic and sweet scriptures that I would enjoy sharing with you all. In Romans chapt. 1 verse 16 it talks about how the gospel is the power of God for our salvation and it puts an emphasis on our lives personally but also as missionaries to bring this message to all because it is the only way that man can recieve his salvation, and we have it. And then in verse 20 it talks about Gods power… God has authority and with the authority He brought forth his works to magnify His authority. Each of us are given authority whether it is a calling in church, an eternal calling as a mother, father, son, daughter, etc. we have authority. But to have power from God we must exercise this auhtority and bring forth works showing to others that we are acting in His name. What a great calling we all have apart from these callings… to share the gospel with others… to lead them to Christ.

I love the pure joy and happiness I feel in my life… I complete a year this week, but that means nothing… there is a lot more to do and learn. I am very excited and anxious to get to work. I hope you all have a great week. Thanks for your prayers and support!

Elder Carter


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