On that grind!

Well this week was a pretty regular week. I learned lots and we met a ton of people. It is quite tough sometimes when people are so lazy…. you invite them to do such small things and still they do not come through… this made me think about myself… how many times has the Lord offered an inviation to me yet I was lazy… The Lord is so patient with us… and like Elder Jeffrey R. Holland says… Salvation is not a cheap experience. It was never easy nor will it ever be. We as missionaries must continue working our very hardest. Even if they do not come to church, do not listen to us, do not care… because it is what the Savior would do.

So this Sunday I felt really overwhelmed… I felt like nothing was going as planned… and in Elders quorum… we read in Alma 38 verse 5 and it was an answer to my prayers and my fast. Wow… if we put our trust in God he will liberate us from our afflictions, trials, weakness´ and that is what I must do. I am not perfect… I get frustrated very easily, but the Lord will help me.

So a lesson I learned as a Dad in the mission… Your son takes everything literally… he asked me if he could pee in a corner as we waited for a member and I thought he was kidding, like being his normal dorky self, so jokingly I said yes…. and the zone leaders called me about a reference so I am talking with them and look up and he is literally peeing in the corner…. I was like what the heck are you doing? He was like you told me yes. I wanted to rip him a new one… but I calmed down… and we just laughed…. the Lord is trying to help me not to get so uptight and also teach me to be more patient and enjoy life… even though I have to watch my kid all the time… he is a year older than me yet acts like he is 10 years younger than me! Haha! Maybe that is why I am with him and him with me.

So we recieved a notice from the district where we live that the owner is 4,344 soles in debt in the house where we live and is not going to pay and supposedly she knows we are still there so… we now have to move and President informed me that another pair of missionaries will be in Huaycan and I have to look for a house and pension for them… so I am stressed but like I have said… blessed. hahah

I just want to tell you all that God answers prayers. And that he has an infinite love for each one of us. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Carter


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