A week of work



Jasmine was so excited to get baptized!! Woo-hoo!
Jasmine was so excited to get baptized!! Woo-hoo!

This week was awesome!!!!! So awesome! My comp started out super sad, down… and I honestly was not being the best help… I just tried pushing him harder to try to help him forget and focus on the work… but it didn’t help.

Then Wednesday we went to the Temple and it was the sickest experience ever…. I participated as a witness of a sealing for a family that had passed away! WHAT????????? It was the gnarliest thing ever. I was just bewildered… yet it was quite simple… so simple… yet it made me think what really is our goal…. and our Bishop yesterday gave a great talk that made me think a lot about what I want out of life…. what I want out of my mission. He said we have such an incalculable potential, yet we, ourselves, limit our potential. Because we think we cannot do it, or we are lazy, do not complete our duties in the church or as sons, as missionaries. What is our goal…. Eternal Life. So what are we doing to reach that? Why do we go to church? Why am I on a mission? To help others yes… but to prepare myself, prepare others, learn for my future family, so I can guide them and myself to eternal life. That is why it is so important to learn the gospel. And not just learn it, Apply it! Live it! I love learning!

My companion then had an interview with President, and it was sweet. He helped my comp a lot. And me as well. He was able to push aside missing his family and now we are working a lot better! It was amazing to see the difference because we worked a lot better and effective and now we always joke a ton!!!!!

Me and my comp! He's the best!!
Me and my comp! He’s the best!!

He is a little clown and now loves to annoy me. hahahaha. He reminds me a lot of Brevon! Super humble, super tender, and such a lovey guy! You are awesome Brevon! I am training you, but you are from Bolivia! Haha!

The new missionaries from the CCM!
The new missionaries from the CCM!

So then on Saturday we had all the new missioanries from the CCM come and proselite in OUR area so we have a ton of references to contact and it is such a blessing! My comp and I proselited with 2 gringos. One from Oklahoma and the other from Spanish Fork in Utah. His name is Elder Smartt and the other from Oklahoma was named Elder Huskinson. hahahaha. I thought he was from Nebraska because he likes to husk them corn. hahahaha. But his Dad grew up in Shelley.

My comp, Elder Carvajal and myself with the two Gringos. Elder Smartt and Huskinson.
My comp, Elder Carvajal and myself with the two Gringos. Elder Smartt and Huskinson.

We happened to have a lesson so we taught an investigator with them and then the Sisters showed up so we had a huge lesson and it was with Jassmin’s Mom, and the two white boys shared their simple testimonies and it was so POWERFUL! It was hard to understand…. but amazing. Showed me how far I have come. Because they spoke better than I did when I first got to Peru… and afterwards the Sister missionaries were like “Wow you speak really good”. Hard work pays off… prayer… fasting… practicing, and even more the pure power of God… hahaha. And I just happened to see Jordyn Eckman and she is going to Lima Central and so I talked to her for a little bit. I will be honest… was so weird to see someone I knew before the mission. WAYYYY weird…. and then at the end the second counselor asks me to give the prayer in front of everyone… but it was way sweet!

And then we recieved a reference from a teacher in the CCM and we contacted it that day and it was a less active member with his wife who wants to be baptized! And within ten minutes my companion committed her to be baptized!!!!! I told him earlier if the spirit prompts you… do it, and he did it! Made me so proud!!!! He is just the funniest little guy ever. I love him!

Well then we committed another girl to be baptized and she came to church as did the wife that I spoke of above. She is named Liz and her husband John and they need to get married so we put goals and we are going to work super hard! And we spoke with Arturo and he wasn’t able to come yesterday to church but we had a sick lesson and he is too stoked to be baptized!!!!

Just wanted to share something I studied this morning… a talk that is called “If you will be responsible”… and it is about completing our duty as Priesthood holders, as members, as someone who has any type of calling. I invite you all to read Mark 2 verses 3 through 5 if you read it you will see that Christ forgives a mans sins… but how if in this time he had not brought to pass the atonement yet… and we can see by his example that he came to COMPLETE his calling. Not to do His will but the one who sent him. When we make a covenant… it is forever and we must complete it if we want to recieve the ultimate gift that God can give us. But that we might complete with love and a true desire and love of God because Christ does not care about numbers… high goals for a ward, for a stake… but where our heart really is… like it talks about the Pharisees in Matthew 23 verse 27… outside are white like a casket but on the inside full of dead bones. This is my wish for all of you and for me and for my district. I hope they will be able to put it into practice because they are not getting along too well.

Well, thank you all for all that you have done and your prayers! A big shout out to the old guy named Ryan Carter whose birthday is Sunday! Happy birthday Dad! I love you! So much! Thank you for your example!


Elder Carter


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