Stressed, but blessed!!

So this week was very interesting… Elder Argüello was sent to Manchay, right above Musa hahahah, and I am training a brand new missionary! His name is Elder Carvajal and he is from Bolivia, Santa Cruz, and he is so awesome!!!!! I love him! So humble and willing to do what is necessary to be a better missionary. And I am still District Leader. I am very stressed to be honest… but I love it.

Trainers with their new missionaries, and Pres. & Sis. Boswell
Trainers with their new missionaries, and Pres. & Sis. Boswell

So this week we had 2 BAPTISMS! Woohoo!!!! And I would love to send you all pictures but my computer doesn’t want to connect with my camera… I don’t know what is wrong… but anyways! They both got baptized!!!! It was way sweet! Wow! Such an amazing experience! So Katty had to wait until she turned 18 so that was way sweet to see her get to that age and make the decision for herself. With Jassmin, man did we fight hard. We got her parents signatures, waited for her dad to come home to sign her permission slip and she also was finally baptized. I had my comp baptize Katty and I baptized Jassmin! It was way sweet! All of her family came and only her and her Aunt are members so they all were way happy! Her parents like thanked me and we are teaching the both of them! It is way sweet and a family super prepared. What a great experience… after my comp changed to baptize Katty, he came out and just hugged me and was so happy! He was like you are the best Dad ever. Thank you so much. (in the mission we call the missionaries we train sons and the trainers Dads) so he said that to me and that day I wore a tie from my Dad… my real Dad. It reminded me of the love and sacrifices that he always made for me! I felt the absolute peace and love from my Dad even though we are very distant right now. Then it made me think of the love Heavenly Father has for each one of us and I was so amazed!

After Jassmin was baptized… I asked her how she felt.. she responds with GENIAL! Which is like, too sick or awesome, or amazing and then she started splashing water on me because she was so happy. I had to calm her down and remind her we were in the baptismal font still! hahahahahahaha.

So Wednesday we had a rough day… not many people wanted to listen to us so we went back to the house to use the bathroom and grab jackets and I felt prompted to ask my comp how he was doing.. and he was like fine… I was like no what’s wrong… he was like “nothing I am just quiet”… and I was like you can’t fool me, what’s wrong? and he broke down. He of course misses his family, Lima is super depressing… hahaha and he heard footsteps in the night… oh yeah the house we live in is haunted… like seriously. But I always sleep like a baby!

So today we did two way sweet practices in our companionship study for our investigators and wow our companionship grew so much today! I just complimented him like crazy and he just had the hugest smile on his face! It is hard to train but I love it! So awesome!

Well a scripture for all of ya…. John 7 verse 17! I do what I do because I love my Savior and my Father in Heaven. This is our invitation to everyone. To ask God! We don’t convince people, we invite.

I know the church is true, know my Savior lives and loves me, and that He is with us always, we just have to know how to find ourselves in his presence.

Hope you all have una buenasa semanita. chauuuu! (a good week. Bye!)

Elder Carter


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